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Blog (May 2024) - Visit Isle of Man

  • McGuinness's Guide to the North

    McGuinness's Guide to the North

    The north of the Island is one of the most popular areas to watch the bikes during TT, whether you’re spectating from the infamous Ballaugh Bridge, based at Ramsey’s Parliament Square, or have settled yourself in at The Ginger Hall. What many racing fans may not be aware of is the abundance of Manx attractions, areas of beauty, and activities that lie a short distance from their favourite spectator spots.

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  • McGuinness's Guide to the South

    McGuinness's Guide to the South

    The southern part of the Island could be a missed opportunity for TT fans who haven’t strayed away from the course by venturing south. However, you simply can’t visit the Isle of Man and not experience all that the beautiful south has to offer… With some of the finest views and best recreational opportunities, heading south of Peel Road is an absolute must.

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  • McGuinness's Guide to Spectating

    McGuinness's Guide to Spectating

    Everyone loves to watch the TT Races, the atmosphere, anticipation, and buzz is unrivalled! Some of the most-loved spots to catch the races are the TT Grandstand on Glencrutchery Road, The Bungalow, Gorse Lea, and The Creg Ny Baa. These spectator spots may be well-known but some of the nearby beauty spots and impressive attractions might not be known by TT super fans. Check out McGuinness’s guide to spectating and touring the Island like a TT pro…

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