While the Isle of Man often delivers top weather conditions for the TT fortnight, it is located in the British Isles after all, meaning no guarantee of every day being sunny. Don’t fear, McGuinness has you covered with his guide to rainy days and race delays, featuring all the fun things that you can do that aren’t impacted by the weather!

Museums Galore

Isle of Man Museums

The Island has plenty of unique and interesting museums, covering all things from the Island’s 10,000 year history, to large collections of rare motor vehicles. Two of our favourites are the Manx Museum and the Isle of Man Motor Museum!

The Manx Museum is a treasure trove of information about the Isle of Man’s fascinating past. Showcasing everything from the Island’s rich Viking heritage to the TT trophies in its TT Gallery, the Manx Museum is a perfect rainy day destination.

The Isle of Man Motor Museum is a go-to for any motorsport enthusiast. Housing over 500 vehicles, you’ll find rarely-seen private motorcycles, historically significant vehicles, motor vehicles, and classic cars at this motor gold mine. Additionally, the museum has recently opened its new Purple Helmets exhibition, showing the vehicles and accessories used by the former motorcycle display team who were best known for their daring and impressive stunts at the TT.

Candle and Scent Making Magic

Soaral Isle of Man

Soaral is the Island’s destination for creating your own candle and/or scent, a great indoor activity! Experts guide you through the process of creating a scented soy wax candle and/or bespoke perfume. It’s maybe not your typical TT activity, but it provides loads of fun nonetheless! You’ll come away with a beautifully unique candle or scent, adding to your unique TT experience.

History and Heritage at a Medieval Castle

Castle Rushen Isle of Man

Castle Rushen is Castletown’s impressive fortress, once home to the Kings and Lords of Mann. Dating back to 1200AD, this well-preserved castle allows you to step back in time and learn what life was like for those who lived (or were imprisoned) there. Inside the castle you can explore the banqueting hall, medieval kitchen, gatehouse, and more. Why not mix a bit of history and heritage into your TT trip?

Relaxation at Willow Spa

Willow Spa Isle of Man

Willow Spa is a stunning health and wellness retreat located on Peel Road, right by the TT action! It’s an idyllic place to unwind with relaxing spa treatments and packages, allowing you to pamper yourself and feel all at once a world’s away from the TT, yet right beside it! The spa opened in 2023 and features beautiful, modern facilities such as a Turkish sauna, steam room, ice bath, dual zone swim spa, and more!

TT Culture at Victory Café

Victory Cafe Isle of Man

Victory Café is a great place to duck out of wet weather and go for some lunch or a snack, whilst still embracing the world of motorsport. The on-site mini cinema shows captivating TT content, while you can purchase a number of themed goods in the on-site shop. Not to mention, their British canteen-style food offering is an absolute treat! What better way to warm yourself up than with a delicious pie, mash, and gravy?