The Isle of Man’s west coast has a plethora of intriguing attractions, activities, and areas of natural beauty located in close proximity to the course. The west coast has the best of both worlds, close to the action but removed enough that you can appreciate its authentic appeal and charm away from the TT mania.

Cool down after a ride with a Davison’s Ice Cream

TTIG at Davidson's Ice Cream

Head to Davison’s Ice Cream Parlour on Peel Promenade for a delicious post-ride snack to keep you cool in your leathers. Davison’s award-winning ice cream is made with Manx milk and cream and has been a staple on the Island since 1995. No TT trip is complete without grabbing one of these mouth-watering treats in Peel!

Take a pit stop in Peel to devour fish and chips with a view

TTIG at Breakwater

Peel Headlands offer a gorgeous view over Peel Beach and the 11th century Peel Castle, making it a wonderful spot to take a pit stop. Sit back and relax with a tasty fish and chips from one of Peel’s much-loved chippies and food shacks. Thank us later!

Peel off your leathers and try cold water bathing at Spooyt Vane waterfall

TTIG at Spooyt Vane waterfall

Spooyt Vane waterfall, located in the west’s Glen Mooar, is a magical Manx beauty spot and a great place to peel off those leathers and try some cold water bathing. Spooyt Vane is Manx Gaelic for ‘White Spout’ and perfectly describes the beautiful waterfall, which is one of the Island’s highest. It’s a tranquil spot for a refreshing cold water dip before you get suited and booted to hop back on your bike.

TT Grandstand to sun, sea and sand

McGuinness on Peel beach

Peel is home to two lovely beaches, the sandy stretch of Peel Beach and the shell-covered sheltered cove of Fenella Beach. Feel like you’re in the middle of the Mediterranean as you sprawl on the shores and enjoy all that the seaside has to offer in the picturesque former fishing town of Peel.

Grab a slice of pizza at The Black Dog Oven after you’ve had a slice of the action

STTIG at The Black Dog Oven

The Black Dog Oven is Peel’s go-to destination for delicious wood-fired pizza and good times in its atmospheric outdoor premises. What a great way to wind down after you’ve had a slice of the TT action than with a slice of wood-fired tastiness?

Go from watching TT stars to gazing at starry skies with an evening hot tub session at Knockaloe Beg Farm

TTIG at Knockaloe Beg Farm

The west coast of the Island offers incredible starry night skies, why not escape to the countryside and book yourself in for an idyllic retreat at Knockaloe Beg Farm where you can soak in the hot tub underneath the glittering night sky.

Give back to the Isle of Man with a beach clean with the Beach Buddies at Glen Wyllin

TTIG participating in Beach Buddies

The ultimate feel-good way to top off your TT experience on the Isle of Man is with a beach clean with the Beach Buddies! Glen Wyllin is a favourite sandy stretch for beach cleans. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done some good, whilst also enjoying the amazing views, bonus!