The southern part of the Island could be a missed opportunity for TT fans who haven’t strayed away from the course by venturing south. However, you simply can’t visit the Isle of Man and not experience all that the beautiful south has to offer… With some of the finest views and best recreational opportunities, heading south of Peel Road is an absolute must.

Discover a castle that long outdates the Island’s first motorcycle race

McGuinness at Castle Rushen

Castle Rushen is the castle for which Castletown was named! This fortress was once home to the Kings and Lords of Mann, originally built for a Norse king around 1200AD. Inside you can learn about its impressive history and what life was like for those who lived (or were imprisoned) there. Add a bit of culture into your TT trip by stepping back in time at this historic castle.

Spot seals not wheels at The Sound

McGuinness at The Sound

The Sound is a natural beauty spot located at the southern tip of the Isle of Man, facing wildlife paradise the Calf of Man. It’s a hotspot for the Island’s resident seals and is the perfect place to swap wheel spotting for seal spotting.

Go off-road at South Barrule Forest

McGuinness at South Barrule Forest

South Barrule Forest is one of the Island’s most popular woodlands and is home to an array of outdoor adventure and leisure activities, including mountain biking trails and a skills area, quad biking, Ape Mann Adventure Park, and Laser Mayhem. Why not put your riding skills to the test on a mountain bike and enjoy some incredible off-road scenery?

Be enveloped by steam rather than bike fumes at Kishtey Cheh Beach Spa

McGuinness at Kishtey Cheh Beach Spa

Channel your inner zen, regardless of how buzzing you are to be on the Island for the TT, by visiting Port Erin’s Kishtey Cheh beach spa. Located on the sand, the spa features a traditional wood-fired sauna, hot tub, plunge pool, and fresh water shower. It’s an idyllic spot to rotate steaming, hot-tubbing, plunging, and swimming in the sea!

Swap petrol for fragranced oils with a candle making workshop at Soaral

McGuinness at Soaral

Head to Soaral in Port Erin where experts will guide you through the process of creating your own scented soy wax candle or bespoke perfume. It might not be your typical TT activity, but it’s a lot of fun and you’ll come away with a beautiful candle or perfume that’s unique to you, adding to your unique TT experience!

Ride across the waves on an Aquabike at Port Erin Bay

McGuinness Aquabiking at Port Erin Beach

The beautiful Port Erin Bay offers a variety of watersports, including Aquabiking on high-performance, pedal powered Chiliboats. Instead of riding around the TT course on your motorcycle, you can zoom across the bay as you cycle on water, pretty impressive!

Refuel your energy at Foraging Vintners

McGuinness at Foraging Vintners
Rev up and ride on down to the esteemed Foraging Vintners for a satisfying pint or cocktail, and dig into a tantalising meal cooked up by Smoky Sam's BBQ.

Get your pulse racing with a trike tour at The Sloc

McGuinness on a Trike Tour at The Sloc

Isle of Man Trike Tours offer an exhilarating way to sit back and enjoy the roads of the Road Racing Capital of the World, allowing you to experience the views as a passenger and not a rider! The drivers are incredibly knowledgeable about the Island and are able to talk you through all things Isle of Man. Set tours can be booked, but tailored tours can also be arranged depending on your preferences. The Sloc offers stunning views over the south of the Island and is a go-to when arranging your tour!

Feel like a local with a visit to the Island’s oldest pub, The Glue Pot

McGuinness at The Glue Pot

The Glue Pot, officially known as the Castle Arms, has a few claims to fame… It boasts the title for the closest pub to any castle wall in the British Isles, as well as being the only pub to appear on a bank note that’s currently in circulation, not to mention it’s the oldest pub on the Island, dating back to 1600! Popping in for a traditional Manx ale is guaranteed to make you feel like a local, rather than a TT visitor.