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2 Day Active Adventure Itinerary

2 Day Active Adventure Itinerary

The Isle of Man is the backdrop for some of the most exhilarating activities in the British Isles. While the Island may have a reputation for its relaxed approach to life, even the biggest adrenaline junkies will find something to get their pulses raising here.

Day 1

Glen Maye

Start your first day on the Isle of Man with a revitalising walk along a section of the Raad ny Foillan, the Island’s premier long distance footpath. At almost 160 km, it means that you can walk round an entire nation! We recommend the section between Niarbyl and Peel, giving you the opportunity to explore the beautiful Glen Maye with its rushing river and pebbly beach. Some of our other favourite sections can be found here. Alternatively, you can go on a guided walk with one of the Island's experienced providers

Peel Hill

Once you arrive in the picturesque seaside town of Peel, grab yourself some food from one of the much-loved restaurants, cafes, or takeaways. A winning combination is eating The Cod and Castle’s fish and chips atop Peel Hill, overlooking the impressive 11th century Peel Castle. If you decide to  walk a little further, the Peel Hill loop will take you up to Corrin’s Folly and provide you with a breath-taking view! If you fancy something a little more fancy, head to Manx Menu winning restaurant The Boatyard for a delicious meal, the queenie pancakes are unbeaten. 

South Barrule Forest

Next, make your way to South Barrule Forest, a haven for adventure lovers! The forest has facilities to suit every kind of adventurer, offering quad biking with Quad Bike Mania, axe throwing with Axe Throwing Isle of Man, mountain biking trails, walking trails, laser tag at Laser Mayhem, and climbing at Ape Mann Adventure Park. If you’re interested in biking but aren’t able to bring any kit with you, you can hire bikes and equipment from a number of different providers, as well as partake in their variety of tours. Once you’ve finished your activities amidst the luscious woodland, head to the forest’s Coffee Cottage for a drink and/or snack, we recommend the hot chocolate!

Mad Jack's Axe Throwing

In the evening, head to Mad Jack’s Axe Throwing, located beside the bustling North Quay. Here, you can enjoy an evening of entertainment after being trained by one of the Mad Jack’s ‘axperts’, pardon the pun. Alongside axe throwing, you can bag yourself a tasty meal and drinks from one of the popular establishments on North Quay; JUST Pizza & Pasta, Mrs Yang’s, The Barbary Coast Grill & Bar, Kiki Lounge, Little Fish Cafe, and 14 North are all great options.

Day 2

Swimming and Watersports Isle of Man

Begin your second day with a dip at one of the Island’s stunning beaches, we recommend Chapel Beach in Port St Mary or Port Erin Beach. If you’d rather bathe in fresh water, why not try a swim at Spooyt Vane Waterfall, located in the dreamy Glen Mooar. You can also try your hand at numerous watersports! Many are offered at Port Erin and Port St Mary, including; paddleboarding, aqua biking, windsurfing, kayaking, diving, and sailing

Foraging Vintners

After all that exertion, you’ll be feeling hungry! Head to Port Erin’s Foraging Vintners Craft Winery for a refreshing beverage (try their variety of non-grape sparkling wines!) and BBQ food from Smoky Sam’s, which operates on the premises. Alternatively, head to Byron’s for a fresh pizza.

Trike Tour and Pony Trekking

Next, hop on a invigorating trike tour and be treated to exquisite scenery as you whizz around the Island! The drivers are full of knowledge about the Isle of Man and can tailor tours to your specific interests, or you can go on one of their pre-planned tours. One of our favourites is the TT Taster Tour, giving you a taste of what the TT riders experience on the infamous course, although you’ll be going at a much more sensible speed! If motors aren’t your thing, why not go on a pony trek through the gorgeous Manx countryside with Ballahimmin Riding and Pony Trekking Centre, taking in the unrivalled views on horseback.

Sunset Walk and Twilight Glo Paddleboarding

In the evening, why not enjoy something to eat at one of the lovely restaurants in the south; The Shore Gansey, Kellas, or Kizuna. Follow this up with a sunset walk, we’d suggest walking along Gansey Beach and the Port St Mary Promenade Walk, through Bradda Glen to Milner’s Tower, or along Castletown Beach and onto Derbyhaven Beach. Alternatively, you can have a go at Twilight-Glo Paddleboarding in Port Erin with Port Erin Paddleboards.

For more ideas on how to spend your time on the Isle of Man, check out our other itineraries here

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  1. Glen Maye

    Glen Maye

    A spectacular bridged gorge and waterfall dominate this glen, which is located three miles south of Peel.

  2. Peel Castle


    Visit Peel Castle, the ancient Vikings’ home. Enjoy panoramic views over Peel and spot seals and basking sharks.

  3. Corrin's Folly


    Corrin's Folly, stands on the top of Peel Hill overlooking the town of Peel and out across the Irish Sea as a tower monument to Thomas Corrin's beloved family.

  4. The Cod and Castle


    Traditional seaside fish and chips served at the seaside! Top quality food with views over the whole of Peel bay and the beautiful Peel Castle.

  5. The Boatyard Restaurant

    East Quay, Peel

    Situated on Peel’s historic quayside, The Boatyard enjoys views of the bustling marina and ancient castle offering you the perfect spot to relax over a delicious lunch or candlelit evening meal.

  6. South Barrule Forest


    South Barrule Forest is one of the Island's most popular woodlands for outdoor adventure and is a convenient gateway to neighbouring forests and hill land.

  7. Quad Bike Mania


    Adventure off-road on a guided quad bike tour in our growing activity centre at South Barrule forest. Let of some steam and take to the saddle on four-wheels for a trek through our forest course.

  8. Mad Jack's Axe Throwing


    Mad Jack’s is all about having fun with friends, work mates and rivals. Each session lasts 1 hour and includes a full introduction to the sport of Axe Throwing.

  9. Axe Throwing Isle of Man


    Tactical Axe Throwing

    Test out your skills with Axe throwing deep within the beautiful South Barrule Forest Park.

  10. South Barrule Mountain Bike Trails


    A great introduction to mountain biking for first time visitors, new riders and children. Each trail goes through the forest at the foot of South Barrule and are fully sign posted and feature hand built single-track sections. 

  11. Laser Mayhem


    The Laser-Mayhem team kit you out in full camouflaged combat clothing, face paint and give you the choice of weapon, that are state of the art military grade laser guns fitted with real red dot laser sights that fire a harmless beam.

  12. Ape Mann Adventure Park


    Set in one of the Island's largest plantations, South Barrule, there are activities for all the family. ​Find your way through the rope courses, crawl through the sky barrels, take on the leap of faith, and whiz down the long zip-lines.

  13. JUST Pizza & Pasta


    Dine in our laid back family friendly warehouse styled restaurant with our kitchen open for all to see. Sit on our reclaimed (from church pews) wooden bench seating and tables and watch our chefs work with passion.

  14. The Barbary Coast Grill & Bar

    North Quay, Douglas

    A brand new eating concept for the Isle of Man brought to you by the people behind Jaks Bar Steakhouse. With its great location on North Quay Douglas, The Barbary Coast offers spectacular waterside views of the yacht marina.

  15. Kiki Lounge


    Kiki's is an Extra Fancy tiki bar, a tropical hideaway tucked beneath the not so sunny streets of Douglas. We serve cocktails, rum and good old fashioned tiki fun. We compliment our tropical treats with an eclectic soundtrack of reggae, motown and disco beats.

  16. Little Fish Cafe


    Little Fish Café is situated on the North Quay in Douglas and serves both lunch and dinner.

  17. 14 North


    14North restaurant is located at the heart of the North Quay in Douglas. The restaurant offers delightful views over the marina, whether you are sipping a glass of wine on the terrace or enjoying a delicious dinner in the relaxed modern interior.

  18. Port St Mary (Chapel) Beach

    Port St Mary

    Port St Mary Beach or Chapel Beach, as it is also known, is situated in the south-east of the Island and has a pretty, sandy, sheltered beach.

  19. Port Erin Beach

    Port Erin

    Picturesque Port Erin Beach is situated in the southwest of the Island. The beach sits in a sheltered bay bordered by the tall cliffs of Bradda Head to the north.

  20. Glen Mooar and Spooyt Vane Waterfall

    Kirk Michael

    Discover the Spooyt Vane waterfall, found in the depths of Glen Mooar which also contain the hidden histories of keeills and burial grounds from the early days of Mann.

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Glen Maye (54.18349,-4.70824)Peel Castle (54.22609,-4.69835)4.31
Peel Castle (54.22609,-4.69835)Corrin's Folly (54.21331,-4.71022)1.46
Corrin's Folly (54.21331,-4.71022)The Cod and Castle (54.22401,-4.69475)1.4
The Cod and Castle (54.22401,-4.69475)The Boatyard Restaurant (54.22293,-4.69745)0.19
The Boatyard Restaurant (54.22293,-4.69745)South Barrule Forest (54.15856,-4.64417)7.17
South Barrule Forest (54.15856,-4.64417)Quad Bike Mania (54.15787,-4.64284)0.1
Quad Bike Mania (54.15787,-4.64284)Mad Jack's Axe Throwing (54.14666,-4.4824)9.48
Mad Jack's Axe Throwing (54.14666,-4.4824)Axe Throwing Isle of Man (54.15856,-4.64415)9.57
Axe Throwing Isle of Man (54.15856,-4.64415)South Barrule Mountain Bike Trails (54.15716,-4.64344)0.15
South Barrule Mountain Bike Trails (54.15716,-4.64344)Laser Mayhem (54.15768,-4.64316)0.05
Laser Mayhem (54.15768,-4.64316)Ape Mann Adventure Park (54.15525,-4.64314)0.24
Ape Mann Adventure Park (54.15525,-4.64314)JUST Pizza & Pasta (54.14763,-4.48334)9.41
JUST Pizza & Pasta (54.14763,-4.48334)The Barbary Coast Grill & Bar (54.14784,-4.47803)0.31
The Barbary Coast Grill & Bar (54.14784,-4.47803)Kiki Lounge (54.14778,-4.47981)0.1
Kiki Lounge (54.14778,-4.47981)Little Fish Cafe (54.1477,-4.48062)0.05
Little Fish Cafe (54.1477,-4.48062)14 North (54.14778,-4.48277)0.13
14 North (54.14778,-4.48277)Port St Mary (Chapel) Beach (54.07856,-4.73659)16.44
Port St Mary (Chapel) Beach (54.07856,-4.73659)Port Erin Beach (54.08712,-4.75987)1.61
Port Erin Beach (54.08712,-4.75987)Glen Mooar and Spooyt Vane Waterfall (54.2671,-4.60132)20.29
Glen Mooar and Spooyt Vane Waterfall (54.2671,-4.60132)Port Erin Paddleboards (54.0848,-4.76559)20.65
Port Erin Paddleboards (54.0848,-4.76559)Foraging Vintners - Craft Winery (54.08457,-4.76514)0.04
Foraging Vintners - Craft Winery (54.08457,-4.76514)Byron's (54.08401,-4.76332)0.12
Byron's (54.08401,-4.76332)Isle of Man Trike Tours (54.15812,-4.47765)18.35
Isle of Man Trike Tours (54.15812,-4.47765)Ballahimmin Riding and Pony Trekking Centre (54.23556,-4.5885)10.12
Ballahimmin Riding and Pony Trekking Centre (54.23556,-4.5885)The Shore - Gansey (54.08511,-4.72076)16.96
The Shore - Gansey (54.08511,-4.72076)Gansey Bay Beach (54.08449,-4.72515)0.27
Gansey Bay Beach (54.08449,-4.72515)Bradda Glen and Milner's Tower (54.09153,-4.76619)2.51
Bradda Glen and Milner's Tower (54.09153,-4.76619)Castletown Beach (54.07608,-4.63142)8.07
Castletown Beach (54.07608,-4.63142)Derbyhaven Beach (54.07684,-4.62318)0.49
Total Distance *160.01 miles
Estimated Journey Time5.15 hours

* Approximate distance by road

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