Incredible New TT Gallery at the Manx Museum

TT Gallery

On the 26th May 2023, the Manx Museum opened its brand new gallery, dedicated to showcasing the history of the world’s greatest road race. Whether you’re visiting to watch the TT Races, or at any other time throughout the year, the gallery is a truly unmissable addition to any itinerary. What’s more, it’s completely free, although donations are much appreciated!

Located just a short walk from Douglas Promenade, the Manx Museum is a treasure trove of artefacts and treasures unique to the Isle of Man, telling the story of the Island’s Viking and Celtic past.

The new gallery is packed with TT exhibits that tell the stories of riders, marshals, mechanics and fans! Featured are machines, memorabilia, leathers and helmets worn by TT icons like John McGuinness, Mike Hailwood, Carl Fogarty, and Dave Molyneux. Objects of note are sections of the old scoreboard, trophies, hip flasks and silverware presented to iconic riders in the 1900s, and even an AJS machine that took part in the 1914 Junior TT- a very rare find!


There’s an astonishing array of trophies on display at the gallery, including the world-famous Senior TT Trophy.

The Senior TT Trophy, created by Giovani da Bologna, was first presented to Charlie Collier in 1907 and has been placed in the hands of every TT hero who has followed in his wheel-tracks to win the Senior Race ever since. Their names are detailed on the tiered plinth on which the trophy is mounted.

Standing at 116 cms tall and weighing 23.7 kg, the trophy is now split into two parts, due to the sheer weight of it! It wasn’t always this way however, starting at 88cms tall it’s grown along with the TT Races themselves.

Its design features Mercury, the Winged Messenger of the Gods from Roman Mythology, standing atop a winged wheel - all made in the finest silver. The trophy will be displayed in the gallery throughout TT, when it’s not being presented on track of course!

Motorcycle Exhibits

TT Gallery

Suzuki RG 500 - Mike Hailwood

Mike Hailwood is one of the TT’s most famous riders, regarded as Britain’s best ever motorcycle racer, his TT career began back in 1958, a highlight being his successful battle against Agostini to win the 1967 Senior Race.

Hailwood took an 11 year absence from the TT and returned in 1978, single-handedly reinvigorating the event and claiming the Formula 1 TT Trophy. He returned the following year to take home his 14th TT win in the Senior and say farewell to the Isle of Man TT Races. That year he rode a Suzuki RG 500, which is on display at the gallery, alongside his helmet and leathers.

Honda CR92 125cc (1962) - Bill Ivy & Gary Dickinson

This motorcycle is one of a handful imported into the UK by Honda, for use by privateers. It was ridden at the TT Races by both Bill Ivy and Gary Dickinson. Honda were renowned for supplying privateers and satellite teams with machinery which was at least as good as their own factory teams’. They didn’t care who won, so long as Honda was painted on the side of the motorcycle! It’s featured in the gallery alongside original leathers and helmet.

Suzuki GSXR-1000 (2007) - Bruce Anstey

This machine is featured alongside the original helmet and leathers of Bruce Anstey, the New Zealand born TT legend. He stormed to victory aboard this motorcycle, painted in its distinctive relentless colours, in the 2007 Superstock Race.

Velcotte 350cc (1939) - Stanley Woods

This historic machine was ridden by Stanley Woods, the most successful rider of the interwar era- the last of his 10 wins came in 1939 aboard this very machine. During that year the TT was highly charged with politics, seeing Nazi Germany seize the Senior Race title and Fascist Italy claiming the Lightweight title. However, Britain was delighted to see Irishman Woods win the Junior title.

Whenever you’re on the Isle of Man, the TT Gallery is a must-see, giving you a brilliant insight into the TT Races through the years, an integral part of the Island’s history.