15 Instagram Worthy Isle of Man Spots

The Isle of Man has no shortage of beautiful locations, we’ve put together 20 of our favourites that will take your Instagram grid to the next level!

  1. Snaefell Summit

Snaefell Summit

Atop the Isle of Man’s mountain on a clear day you can see what locals refer to as the Seven Kingdoms; England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, and the kingdoms of Heaven and the Sea.

  1. The Sound

The Sound

The Sound is a well-known beauty spot located at the very south of the Island where you get a great view of the Calf of Man and the hundreds of grey seals that like to bask on the Kitterland.

  1. Laxey Wheel

Laxey Wheel

The Laxey Wheel is the world’s largest surviving original working waterwheel located in Laxey, you also get a wonderful viewpoint by climbing to the top.

  1. The Drinking Dragon

Drinking Dragon

On a boat trip in the south of the Island you can sail past the Drinking Dragon. A unique rock formation close to the Calf of Man that looks like, you guessed it, a dragon drinking from the sea!

  1. Sulby Reservoir

Sulby Reservoir

Sulby is home to the Isle of Man’s largest reservoir, the still waters and luscious backdrop make it a very picturesque spot.

  1. Peel Hill

Peel Hill

Peel Hill is not only a brilliant place for a walk, its vantage point provides stunning views across the west of the island and Peel Castle. Corrin’s Folly is located on top of the hill and provides a very scenic landmark.

  1. Glen Helen

Glen Helen

You’ll feel immersed in nature as you wander through this charming glen, with its winding river and pretty waterfall.

  1. Cregneash


Cregneash is a living museum where you can see the old traditional way of life in a Manx farming village, the tiny thatched cottages will make you think you’ve travelled back in time.

  1. Port Erin Beach

Port Erin Beach

Port Erin Beach is a firm favourite when it comes to the Island’s beaches, from the shore you can see Milner’s Tower perched at the top of Bradda Head.

  1. North Barrule

North Barrule

North Barrule is the Island’s second highest peak, providing some of the most epic views across the Island and the Irish Sea beyond.

  1. Langness Peninsula


Langness Peninsula on the southeast coast of the Isle of Man is home to an aesthetic lighthouse alongside a medieval fortress, a daymark tower, and the remains of a WW2 gun training range.

  1. Point of Ayre Lighthouse

Point of Ayre Lighthouse

The island’s northernmost point is home to a quaint 19th century lighthouse, as well as a smaller lighthouse called the Winkie, with a dramatic seascape backdrop.

  1. Dhoon Glen Waterfall

Dhoon Glen Waterfall

Dhoon Glen’s pathway takes you past a magical looking waterfall deep in the heart of the secluded glen.

  1. Niarbyl Bay


Niarbyl Bay is a secluded beauty spot south on the west coast, its rolling hills, unique rock formations and fisherman’s cottages make for a gorgeous location.

  1. Queen’s Pier

Queen's Pier

Queen’s Pier in Ramsey is a grand Victorian Era relic, reminiscent of when the Isle of Man was a Victorian tourist hot spot. Bonus points for catching a shot when the sun is rising.