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Niarbyl Bay


Niarbyl Bay


Niarbyl is a secluded beauty spot just south of Dalby Village on the Island’s west coast and of great geological interest. Discover the peaceful bay with its rolling hills, thatched cottages and dramatic coastal paths leading to White Beach. Sunsets are remarkable in this scenic location and on clear nights exceptional for stargazing.

On a walk along the coast you will be able to see one of the most interesting of the Island’s ancient Keeils or early Christian chapels Lag ny Killey. You’ll also find quaint thatched cottages, which were featured in the film Waking Ned, and a coastal footpath which leads to an 8th Century chapel and secluded beach.

During your visit you’ll be offered spectacular views of the rolling hills and on a clear day you may be able to see the Mountains of Mourne in Ireland.

Spot seabirds, seals and possibly basking sharks, particularly on calm sunny days between May and August. An information board and binoculars are also located at Niarbyl to assist with wildlife spotting.


At Niarbyl beach you can stand with each foot on different rocks derived from two separate continents. The rocks north of Niarbyl 480 million years old and originate from Gondwana of which southern England and Africa are parts. The rocks north of Niarbyl are sandstones belonging to the Dalby Group which come from a northern continent known as Laurentia of which Scotland and North America are parts. The contact between these two groups of rock is a major geological fault representing the only remnant of the Iapetus Ocean which once separated these continents.


The rocks around Niarbyl offer plenty of opportunities for angling. Typical species caught include Pollack, Ballan Wrasse, Cuckoo Wrasse, Mackerel and Conger Eel. Take care not to get cut off by the tide if you are fishing from the tail of rocks.

The best fishing tends to be on the incoming tide three hours before high water, and a couple of hours after.  Let someone know where you are intending to fish before you go, and when fishing rock marks, be aware of the state of the tide and keep an eye on rising water to avoid being cut off from the shore. 

Dark Skies

Located on the southwest coast of the Island lies Niarbyl, a picturesque bay offering spectacular sea views. With minimal light pollution, stargazers can enjoy uninterrupted horizon views from the south to north.

Niarbyl Restaurant car park is one of 26 registered Dark Sky Discovery Sites on the Isle of Man. With the help of Interpretation Boards on site, stargazers can fully enjoy the stunning views on offer in the Manx skies.

Advice and Safety:

The stargazing site is a large flat area, with possible trip hazards present in the dark. The surface is unmade. There should be no difficulty issues for telescope set up.




  • On-Site café/restaurant

Parking & Transport

  • Coach parking available
  • On site parking

Provider Facilities

  • Dogs Accepted

Provider Features

  • In countryside
  • Outdoor Attraction
Niarbyl Road, Dalby, IM5 2BS

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Opening Times

* Open all year round

Map & Directions

Road Directions

By Car: Located approximately 3 miles south of Peel, along the A27. Turn right at Dalby leading towards the car park approximately 1 mile towards the beach.

Public Transport Directions

Niarbyl Bay can be accessed via bus and car.

By Bus: For further information regarding bus timetables visit

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