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Elfin Glen and Claghbane Woods


Elfin Glen and Claghbane Woods


The wooden slopes of Lhergy Frissel and Claughbane, seperated by the steep sided Elfin Glen, provide an important scenic backdrop to the town of Ramsey and an excellent vantage point for the Northern Plain.

Claughbane is predominantly coniferous and has been worked as a commercial plantation for many years. The woods to the east are managed purely for recreation and sceneic value, but a footpath linking all three areas provides an interesting and varied walk. Of particular not in Elfin Glen is the variety of trees that regenerate freely in the rich alluvial soils assisted by the sheltered conditions which exist there. The combined area of the three sites is 26 ha. (64 acres).

A major landmark in the north of the island is the Albert Tower (approx. 145m a.s.I) which stands immediately beyond the southern boundary of Lhergy Frissel. This prominent feature marks the place where Prince Albert paused to admire the views during a visit to Ramsey with Queen Victoria in 1847. The tower was largely constructed of slate from the Claughbane quarry.

The road which divides Lhergy Frissel is part of the famous T.T course; behind you is the 'Hairpin Corner', a much favoured vantage point for motocycle racing enthusiasts.

All the paths shown are maintained to provide easy access, but visitors should note that the route is somewhat steep in places.

A18 Ramsey Hairpin, Ramsey

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Opening Times

* Open all year round

Map & Directions

Road Directions

From Douglas, take the A18 Mountain Road to Ramsey to Ramsey Hairpin where you can park to access the Glen. 

Public Transport Directions

Access is by car or on foot from Ramsey.

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