A picture is worth a thousand words and, though we may not be known for our weather, the Isle of Man is home to some of the most epic scenery in the British Isles. If you’re an avid Instagrammer looking for your next photo opportunity or wanting to make your feed as aesthetically pleasing as possible, here’s a list of our top ‘gram-worthy spots and activities guaranteed to make your followers give a double-tap.

  • For the lovers of #thegreatoutdoors:

Peel Castle

Marvel at the magic of Mann! With such low light pollution, many of our locals and visitors have been lucky enough to see beautiful auroras here on the Isle of Man. © James Brew


Is it even a trip to the Isle of Man if you haven't captured a shot of beautiful Niarbyl? © DiscoverIsleofMan


Snaefell, the Island's highest peak and only mountain, where on a clear day (when that pesky Manannan isn't cloaking us in his mist) you can spot the Seven Kingdoms of Mann, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Sea and Heaven. © HKJetSetter

Port Erin

Extraordinary sunsets are the norm on the Isle of Man and Port Erin is the place to be if you're a #sunsetlover. © Stephen Corran

Glen Maye

The Island's glens make a pretty perfect backdrop for those 'candid' shots. © Catharine Devine

  • For the #artisans:

The Alpine

One meal here and you're sure to become an Alpine Addict; serving the freshest, and most photogenic, salads on the Island. © The Alpine

Foraging Vintners

On a summer's day there's nowhere else you'd rather be than sitting beach side sipping on some locally produced fizz. © Foraging Vintners

The Courthouse

We all know a meal out doesn't count unless you document it...#dessertbae. © The Courthouse

The Boatyard

It's not just the meal that's worthy of an insta post, the restaurant's interior is just as important! © The Boatyard


A meal for the eyes, the 'gram and the stomach! © Coast

  • For the #adventurehearted

Sea Kayaking

The Isle of Man is photogenic from land, sea or air and what's more 'gram-worthy than an epic drone shot? © Kim Tastagh


Yoga'nna wanna visit the Isle of Man to capture that picture perfect pose for the 'gram. © Studio Lester

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Show your followers just how adventurous you are out on the water. © Dave Corkish


Adenvute is calling YOU to the Isle of Man... © Christine Botha

Beach Fun

Are you ready to try #islandlife? © Sophie Bell

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