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This year LEGO® celebrates a special 60th birthday and it seems the Isle of Man has stacks to appeal to LEGO® lovers of all ages starting this February.

  • Track down a troublesome tribe of LEGO® minifigures and win them

Where: House of Manannan and Manx Museum

When: 10th February - 22nd April 2018

A tribe of troublesome LEGO® minifigures have broken out the Playful Pasts exhibition at the House of Manannan and the LEGO® Sherlock needs your help to track them down. Some have even managed to get on the No. 5 bus and escaped to the Manx Museum, the Island’s national museum and treasure house!

All ages from 0 to 99+ are encouraged to explore both attractions to see if they can find and write down the locations of all 32 wanted LEGO® minifigures. A display case containing all 32 minifigures are up for grabs for the winner of the competition.

Help LEGO® Sherlock find all the characters > 

  • Build a LEGO® masterpiece at Cyclefest

Where: The beautiful Milntown Estate and Gardens

When: 21st - 22nd April 2018

The family-friendly Cyclefest celebrates all things cycle related and highlights why the Isle of Man is a must-ride destination for cyclists, but a highlight for bike-lovers and LEGO® fans at this year’s event is to piece together a unique brick mosaic – specially designed for Cyclefest by the creative sparks at Bright Bricks, the UK’s only LEGO® Certified Professional building company.

Coupled with the ultimate cycling test, award-winning music, mouth-watering food and tons of other family entertainment, Cyclefest is an event not to be missed.

Spectate & join the build >
Enter the cycle racing >

  • Discover one of the oldest meeting places in history and in LEGO®!

Where: Culture Vannin Tynwald and Cultural Exhibition Centre

When: Open weekdays from 9:30am - 4:30pm

Tynwald Hill, one of the Isle of Man’s most distinctive landmarks and a sign of the Isle of Man’s independence as a self-governing crown dependency – can now be seen and discovered in LEGO®.

The real four-tiered hill is the meeting place of the Island’s parliament, Tynwald. It is believed that the open air ceremony, which takes place every year on July 5th, was established by Viking settlers over a thousand years ago with the hill thought to have been built in the 13th century, making it the oldest continuous parliament in the world. 

The real landmark measures around 12 feet high, and is thought to be made from piles of stones bonded together with soil from all of the Island’s 17 ancient parishes.

Complete with minifigures in their traditional Manx dress, you can see this momentous gathering year-round in LEGO® just opposite the real hill inside the Culture Vannin Tynwald & Cultural Exhibition Centre. Learn more about Tynwald and other sites just like it from around the world, as well as the Island’s unique culture, language and customs.

Plan a visit >
Watch the Tynwald Ceremony build in action >

  • Join the club for mini builders, master builders or find the Little People!

Where: Castletown and Castletown Civic Centre

When: Every Monday

A Duplo and Lego Club is held each Monday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in the Castletown Civic Centre which is also the Tourist Information Centre in the ancient capital.

If your little ones aren’t into LEGO® – try finding all the residences of the Little People of Balley Cashtal Beg (Manx for Little Castletown). Each mini fairy door is crafted and hand-painted by Craftworks Studio up the road for each resident. Collect a map and story sheet from the Centre and set off on your search around the town.

Learn more about Balley Cashtal Beg > 


Culture Vannin Tynwald & Cultural Exhibition Centre
Heritage / Visitor Centre
Speaker of the House of Keys inspecting the custom-built Lego model of Tynwald Day

The Island’s cultural and Tynwald exhibition centre is a great way for all ages to find out about just what makes the Isle of Man Manx. In the centre, you can find out 'thing sites' like Tynwald around the world, look at old photos of St John's, find out about calendar customs, see how Tynwald works, and check out our Lego model of Tynwald Day.

Balley Cashtal Beg
Town Walk
Balley Cashtal Beg

Welcome to Balley Cashtal Beg, a town within a town where the fairies dwell behind picturesque little doors on the streets of Castletown!



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