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Niarbyl Marine Viewing Site


Niarbyl Marine Viewing Site


Manx Wildlife Trust has a network of six marine viewing sites, dotted around the Island's coastline, providing a great opportunity for visitors and residents alike to catch sight of some of the marine wildlife present within the Manx waters. 

Take time to read the detailed information boards on site, to learn more about the Isle of Man's coastal and marine life. The boards include information on what species you're most likely to see at that viewing point, such as seals, dolphins, basking sharks and birds, as well as providing information on how to spot them and when. 

The accompanying binoculars present at each site, provide everyone with the opportunity to better view the surrounding coastline to look for such wildlife. 

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Map & Directions

Public Transport Directions

By Car: Travel along the A1 road to Station Road from Douglas. Follow Patrick Road to A27. Turn left onto A27, before turning right onto Niarbyl Road. 

By Bus: Bus services to Niarbyl include the 4, 4R and 8R. For further information regarding bus timetables visit 

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