Have you ever considered being a TT Early Bird? Most people haven’t, thinking that the prime time to arrive on the Isle of Man is just in time for Race Week. However, we beg to differ…

There’s a multitude of reasons why being an Early Bird benefits you, and since it’s never been easier to book your TT Early Bird trip with specialist packages for Qualifying Week, we decided to put together a little list of all the reasons why you should consider hopping over to the beautiful Isle of Man a little earlier this year…

TT Early Bird Benefits

Lower travel demand, better value for money and greater accommodation options

Being an early bird means that you can reap the rewards in terms of cost, variety and freedom... If you’re hoping to bring your bike to the Isle of Man with the Steam Packet Company but you’ve found that the later sailings have no room, why not consider coming to the Island as an early bird? You can then make sure that you have your bike by your side!

When it comes to accommodation, we all know that it gets booked up FAST. Being an early bird means that you’ll have a greater selection of accommodation options to choose from, making your experience all the more enjoyable.

Additionally, spending time on the Isle of Man during Qualifying Week means that you can hopefully save some pennies and find a more cost-effective way of visiting the Isle of Man TT Races, and now more than ever we’re all being that bit more conscious of our spending habits!

Exploring as a TT Early Bird

Time and space to explore the island’s wealth of attractions and activities - including stunning driving routes  

The Isle of Man is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the British Isles, as well as being the first whole nation to be named a UNESCO Biosphere. There’s so much to explore on this little gem of an Island and being an early bird gives you the chance to do so! Whether you’re into adrenalin fuelled activities on land or sea, or prefer to take a more gentle approach to life away from the bikes and indulge in the Isle of Man’s 10,000 year history and vibrant culture, there’s something to suit everybody. What’s more, with some of the best walking routes in the British Isles, you can take in the magnificent flora and fauna whilst enjoying the views!

Additionally, with less traffic on the roads and reduced road closures due to the Qualifying Schedule, there are more options to experience the world famous Mountain Course, along with other stunning driving routes that cover all corners of the Isle of Man, allowing you to be wowed by majestic views and to make unscheduled stops to uncover legendary landmarks and treasures.

TT Early Bird Fan Park

Avoid the queues at Monster Energy Fan Park and Manx Museum’s TT Gallery

The Monster Energy Fan Park is a go-to destination for eating, drinking, watching the races and socialising will be fully available to you as an early bird! What’s more, you can hopefully avoid queues and gain entry easily.

Another place where you can beat the queues is at the TT Gallery at the Manx Museum, which is open to the public. The attraction is set to see a huge influx of fans!, being an early bird means that you can get in there early and get up close to the one of a kind exhibitions.

TT Early Bird Family Friendly

The perfect time to bring the family

Kids can have just as much fun at the TT Races as adults can and with Qualifying Week tying in with the UK half term, what better excuse do you need? We appreciate that the big crowds may be a bit much for some little ones, by being an early bird you can give them a brilliant TT experience that won’t overwhelm them. Combining TT action with the (slightly!) slower paced activities on offer around the Island, and the breadth of events and heritage attractions will provide the perfect balance for a family break.

TT Early Bird Iconic Viewing Spots

Grab the most iconic viewing spots

Don’t fancy waiting for hours pre-race just to get a good spot to watch the races from? Once again, being an early bird sorts that problem right out for you! You can experience qualifying races from the most iconic spots with much more ease than you can the following week. Whether it’s during Qualifying Week or TT Week, you can’t deny the thrill of seeing your favourite riders from famous viewing spots, such as; the Creg ny Baa, the Gooseneck, the Quarterbridge, Union Mills, Barregarrow, the Bungalow, and more!