The Island is your oyster come rain or shine. Littered with a playground of possibilities to enjoy, you are sure to experience days packed with excitement and adventure. We've chosen our favourite legendary landmarks and scenic spots that you must see during a visit to the Isle of Man.

Castle Rushen

Head to Castletown where you can step back in time and learn about the Lords and Ladies of Mann at the Island's iconic medieval fortress. Dating back 100 years, Castle Rushen was originally built for a Norse King in the 12th Century. Now serving as a museum, it's one of the best preserved castles in the British Isles. Explore hidden prison cells and passageways during your visit. With spectacular views of the seaside harbour and Castletown Bay, you are sure to be inspired.

The Great Laxey Wheel

In the north-east of the Island lies the largest surviving working water wheel in the world, The Great Laxey Wheel. This ruby red beauty is a feature of the finest Victorian engineering. The Lady Isabella, as she's also known, is an iconic Manx masterpiece and landmark, holding years of mining history within her mighty wheel. Climb to the top and see the wheel work its magic as it turns, whilst taking in stunning views across Laxey and Glen Mooar Valley.

Peel Castle

Surrounded by the Irish Sea and offering panoramic views over the Sunset City of Peel, there is nothing more spectacular than the ancient Viking fortress of Peel Castle. Sitauted on St Patrick's Isle, the Castle was once home to Christian missionairies, Viking warriors and Kings. As a historical masterpiece, you will find layer on layer of fascinating Manx history to pique your interest within these ancient walls.

Bradda Head

Known as the 'sweet spot' of the South, Bradda Head never fails to disappoint. Climb to the top of Milner's Tower and discover the tranquil beauty of Port Erin Bay and the Calf of Man. If you're feeling adventurous, walk along the coastline to the secluded Fleshwick Bay. Spend a whole day at Port Erin and explore the Island's emerald shores by paddleboard or kayak. It's the perfect place to soak in some Vitamin Sea. 


For true tranquility, Niarbyl is the place to visit. With rolling hills, thatched cottages, captivating sea views and glorious sunsets, you'll be sure to find your inner peace when exploring Niarby Bay. Enjoy coastal walks that take you by the way of the gull and discover the secluded White Beach, a hotspot for basking sharks, seals and other extraordinary sealife. Known for its expectional stargazing, wish upon a star on a clear summer's night.

Dhoon Glen

Take to the forests and trek through hooded woodland, filled with twisting trails and winding trees. Most known for its dramatic waterfall, Dhoon Glen is perfectly picturesque for those keen photographers. Follow the stream as it flows from the hills to the Irish Sea and stand in awe at 'Big Girl', the highest falling waterfall on the Island. Ideal for those more adventurous, treat yourself at the delightul cafe after the 190+ step climb back to the top.

The Point of Ayre

Located at the very tip of the Island, the Point of Ayre is a hidden gemstone. When you stand here, you're closer to Scotland than you are to Douglas. Discover the active 19th Century lighthouse, the oldest one on the Island. With long, wide sandy beaches and endless views looking out to the horizon, it's the perfect place for a Sunday stroll or a romantic picnic.