The Isle of Man is home to the best dark skies in the British Isles. Its low light pollution makes its skies some of the purest in Britain, with stars and planets from far and wide being seen by the naked eye. You could even be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights grace the Island's heavens on occasion, usually glimpsed from the Northern Coast.

This is the perfect night time activity for the whole family to enjoy, so wrap up warm and head out. You might even see a shooting star or spot one of the great planets of the Milky Way Galaxy. Watch the moon change phases and develop with every passing night or catch a glimpse of meteors as they shower the Earth’s surface. This winter, the Manx skies are at their clearest and sharpest, so get ready to lose yourself in the magical world above.

With 26 Registered Dark Sky Discovery Sites dotted around the Island, take the opportunity to explore the night sky and be inspired.

Here are our top five seasonal hotpots:

1. Port Soderick

Situated on the Island's east coast, this hideaway offers crisp views of the Milky Way, especially in the winter season. Overlooking the beautiful waters of the Irish Sea, Port Soderick provides spectacular sights of the stars. It's also an ideal place to watch the Hunter's Moon come to life in November when its face will be fully illuminated. With no light pollution or noise, Port Soderick is a gemstone for stargazing, delivering some well needed peace and quiet after a busy day of exploring.

2. Niarbyl

On the west coast lies Niarbyl; a place filled with magic. The gorgeous wide coastline and beaches deliver first class views of the Manx night sky. Scour the horizon as you search for hidden planets, shooting stars and the Great Andromada Galaxy. The striking waters of the Irish Sea reflect the stars, making your stargazing experience shine that much brighter.

3. The Sound

Sitting at the south of the Island, The Sound is a key find for any stargazer. Uranus is most visible from here and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the blue-green planet in autumn. Surrounded by rolling hills and twisting coastline, the site produces some of the best conditions to watch the starry sky. Soak up the atmosphere at one of the Island's most iconic locations.

4. Fort Island

Fort Island may be off the beaten trail but a trip here is definitely worth seeking. Nestled in Castletown and opposite Derbyhaven, the site promises clear heavens and startling surprises, like the Taurids Meteor Shower in November. These dust grains will radiate the sky with flecks of silver light and put on a spectacular show for you and your family. The ancient fortress adds a rich flare to your very own screen when capturing these distant beauties. The contrast of the stars against the fort deliver the perfect photographic shot and a memorable stargazing experience.

5. Sulby Reservoir

Enjoy a late night adventure at Sulby Reservoir. Nestled in the shadows of the Island's only mountain, Snaefell, this spot is perfect for a romantic evening. Seat yourself under a gallery of starlit masterpieces as you immerse yourself in incredible astronomical views.Why not pack a picnic and create a date not soon forgotten for your significant other?

The Isle of Man is spoilt with extraordinary sites for stargazing. Plan your trip today and find your own favourite discovery site!