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3 Day Couple Itinerary

3 Day Couple Itinerary

With its fabled seaside towns, dramatic coastlines, and gorgeous countryside, this starlet of the British Isles is the perfect setting for your very own love story.

If you're looking to wow your partner with a romantic weekend away, look no further than the Isle of Man. We've crafted an itinerary to help you make the most of the Island's most beautiful settings. 

Day 1 

Raad ny Foillan, Langness & Chapel Beach

Nothing sparks romance quite like a breathtaking ocean view, so we suggest a dreamy morning walk at one of the Island's coastal beauty spots. Try walking along a section of the Raad ny Foillan if you're feeling adventurous, or take a more leisurely stroll on a Derbyhaven & Langness Nature Walk. Afterwards, stop for some brunch at Kellas in Port St Mary for excellent food in a stunning setting. If the sun is shining, head to the garden area for unrivalled views over Chapel Beach

Brightlife, Glen Helen & Kiki Lounge

Following this, treat yourself to a calming session at one of the Island's luxurious spas; Comis Spa and Wellbeing, The Willow Spa, Brightlife, or The King's Spa. What better way to chill out and enjoy time with your partner? Afterwards, stay zen with an amble through one of the Island's pretty glens, we recommend Ballaglass Glen in the north, Groudle Glen in the East, Silverdale Glen in the South and Glen Helen in the West. 

In the evening, enjoy drinks at Douglas's Kiki Lounge, a funky cocktail lounge located on North Quay. Then grab dinner at one of the city's most romantic restaurants; L'Experience, 14 North, or Coast Bar & Brasserie

Day 2

Milntown, Fynoderee & Manx Electric Railway

A wander around the vibrant gardens of a picturesque mansion house is the perfect way to spend your second morning on the Isle of Man. Pair this with brunch at Milntown Cafe to enjoy a meal that features homegrown produce from the very gardens that you've just walked through. 

Follow your serene morning with a distillery tour and tasting at The Fynoderee Distillery to learn about the process of making the Island's well-loved premium spirits. You'll get to enjoy some wonderful beverages in the distillery's Fyn Bar, located on site at the Ramsey premises. 

Laxey Beach, Laxey Wheel & The Shore Hotel Laxey

Hop aboard the Manx Electric Railway and trundle towards the quaint fishing village of Laxey. Here you can enjoy the lovely beach, The Great Laxey Wheel, and Laxey Glen, before settling down for dinner at The Shore Hotel Laxey, an elegant restaurant and pub housed in a beautifully modernised hotel. 

Day 3

Peel Castle, The Abbey & Silverburn River

Start your third day in Peel with a look around the dramatic ruins of Peel Castle, there's a romantic, whimsical feel to the Viking castle that makes it the ideal place to add a bit of Manx culture to your couple's weekend. You can also check out the idyllic Fenella Beach, located right beside the castle. 

Get yourselves a tasty lunch from Greens Cafe in St Johns before taking a look at the incredible jewellery at Element Isle, based at the nearby Tynwald Mills Shopping Centre. Why not buy a special present for your loved one? Alternatively, make your way to Ballasalla for a mouth-watering afternoon tea at The Abbey, accompanied by a walk along the babbling Silverburn River

The Boatyard, Peel Beach & Dark Skies

No visit to the Isle of Man is complete without an epic sunset, and the best place for this is Peel, AKA "Sunset City". Sit atop Peel Hill, on Peel Headlands, or on Peel Beach to enjoy a scenic sunset. Follow this up with a delightful seafood dinner at The Boatyard Restaurant.

End your trip to the Island with a spot of stargazing. Thanks to its almost non-existent light pollution, the Isle of Man is a dream for stargazers, with 26 dark sky sites located across the Island. 

For more ideas on how to spend your time on the Isle of Man, check out our other itineraries here

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  1. Derbyhaven and Langness Nature Walk


    Follow this short walk around the Langness Peninsula at the south-eastern tip of the Island, where you can discover a beautiful lighthouse, a stone tower on the coast, and the ruins of ancient buildings that tell the story of the English Civil War.

  2. Port St Mary (Chapel) Beach

    Port St Mary

    Port St Mary Beach or Chapel Beach, as it is also known, is situated in the south-east of the Island and has a pretty, sandy, sheltered beach.

  3. Brightlife Spa


    Relax and unwind at Brightlife Spa with luxurious and modern facilities and therapies set in idyllic countryside surroundings.

  4. Glen Helen

    St. Johns

    The glen features gardens with rustic bridges and waterfalls through foliage. The main attraction is Rhenass Fall, a stream which makes its way down between two hills lined with boulders. 

  5. Groudle Glen


    Groudle Glen is deep and rocky in places, with a lively bubbling stream running through its length. A small water wheel is situated in the lower glen.

  6. Silverdale Glen


    This is an extremely popular spot for all the family with a children’s playground (including a unique Victorian water-powered roundabout), boating lake and cafe.

  7. Ballaglass Glen


    Ballaglass Glen can be found north of Laxey. Carpeted in bluebells in Spring it has sparkling streams which dance over rocks sculpted over millions of years.

  8. Kiki Lounge


    Kiki's is an Extra Fancy tiki bar, a tropical hideaway tucked beneath the not so sunny streets of Douglas. We serve cocktails, rum and good old fashioned tiki fun. We compliment our tropical treats with an eclectic soundtrack of reggae, motown and disco beats.

  9. 14 North


    14North restaurant is located at the heart of the North Quay in Douglas. The restaurant offers delightful views over the marina, whether you are sipping a glass of wine on the terrace or enjoying a delicious dinner in the relaxed modern interior.

  10. Coast Bar and Brasserie


    Enjoy delicious food and an impressive selection of drinks, served in luxurious art-deco surroundings on the Douglas promenade. Providing a truly unique dining experience and with panoramic views along Douglas promenade.

  11. Milntown Gardens


    There are 15 acres of gardens and woodlands in this historic setting for you to explore. Throughout the gardens there are many excellent specimens of rhododendrons, magnolias, camellias and many other species too, all of which produce a dazzling display throughout the summer.

  12. Milntown Café


    Set in a purpose built conservatory, the café has wonderful views of both the Walled Garden and the famous Winchester gates.

  13. The Fynoderee Distillery

    Parsonage Road, Ramsey

    Drink, Shop, Tour, Party & Shake some Fyn! Fyntastic Experiences await at The Fyn Bar & Distillery Shop - The Fynoderee Distillery, Parsonage Road, Ramsey

  14. Manx Electric Railway


    Take an unforgettable journey along the east coast of the Island on this unique electric railway which dates back over 130 years.

  15. Laxey Beach


    Laxey Beach is situated on the Island's east coast approximately 8 miles north of Douglas. Laxey has a pebble and sand beach, which gets progressively sandier the closer you go to the low-water mark.

  16. Laxey Glen


    Laxey Glen is a favourite among tourists and locals alike. It is a popular spot for families of all ages with its playground and grassed paddocks. The glen is rich in mature exotic trees and natural woodland.

  17. The Great Laxey Wheel


    This feat of Victorian engineering and ingenuity is the largest surviving waterwheel of its kind in the world.

  18. Shore Hotel Laxey - Restaurant


    Overlooking the famous Laxey river, The Shore Hotel Restaurant offers patrons a unique and intimate dining experience in a luxurious setting complimented by a menu that makes use of only the best local and seasonal ingredients.

  19. Shore Hotel Laxey - Pub


    The Shore Hotel Laxey is situated in the picturesque village of Old Laxey. Our food takes influence from the Isle of Man's locality and history. Guests can enjoy dining in the open plan surroundings and enjoy fresh local ingredients.

  20. Peel Castle


    Visit Peel Castle, the ancient Vikings’ home. Enjoy panoramic views over Peel and spot seals and basking sharks.

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Derbyhaven and Langness Nature Walk (54.07293,-4.62181)Port St Mary (Chapel) Beach (54.07856,-4.73659)6.77
Port St Mary (Chapel) Beach (54.07856,-4.73659)Brightlife Spa (54.35695,-4.42239)33.42
Brightlife Spa (54.35695,-4.42239)Glen Helen (54.22599,-4.61698)17.37
Glen Helen (54.22599,-4.61698)Groudle Glen (54.17787,-4.42331)12.33
Groudle Glen (54.17787,-4.42331)Silverdale Glen (54.10609,-4.63816)14.52
Silverdale Glen (54.10609,-4.63816)Ballaglass Glen (54.28076,-4.35865)23.98
Ballaglass Glen (54.28076,-4.35865)Kiki Lounge (54.14778,-4.47981)15.1
Kiki Lounge (54.14778,-4.47981)14 North (54.14778,-4.48277)0.17
14 North (54.14778,-4.48277)Coast Bar and Brasserie (54.15082,-4.47797)0.41
Coast Bar and Brasserie (54.15082,-4.47797)Milntown Gardens (54.31981,-4.40397)17.48
Milntown Gardens (54.31981,-4.40397)Milntown Café (54.32013,-4.4043)0.04
Milntown Café (54.32013,-4.4043)The Fynoderee Distillery (54.32022,-4.38151)1.33
The Fynoderee Distillery (54.32022,-4.38151)Manx Electric Railway (54.16712,-4.46035)16.02
Manx Electric Railway (54.16712,-4.46035)Laxey Beach (54.22456,-4.39159)7.03
Laxey Beach (54.22456,-4.39159)Laxey Glen (54.23144,-4.40785)1.18
Laxey Glen (54.23144,-4.40785)The Great Laxey Wheel (54.23805,-4.40749)0.66
The Great Laxey Wheel (54.23805,-4.40749)Shore Hotel Laxey - Restaurant (54.22638,-4.39217)1.47
Shore Hotel Laxey - Restaurant (54.22638,-4.39217)Shore Hotel Laxey - Pub (54.22638,-4.39216)0
Shore Hotel Laxey - Pub (54.22638,-4.39216)Peel Castle (54.22609,-4.69835)17.94
Peel Castle (54.22609,-4.69835)Fenella Beach (54.22538,-4.69936)0.09
Fenella Beach (54.22538,-4.69936)Greens Cafe, St. Johns (54.20307,-4.64204)4.03
Greens Cafe, St. Johns (54.20307,-4.64204)Element Isle (54.20838,-4.63532)0.66
Element Isle (54.20838,-4.63532)Tynwald Mills Shopping Centre (54.20812,-4.63495)0.03
Tynwald Mills Shopping Centre (54.20812,-4.63495)The Abbey (54.09921,-4.63402)10.91
The Abbey (54.09921,-4.63402)Silverburn River (54.09937,-4.63311)0.06
Silverburn River (54.09937,-4.63311)Peel Beach (54.22515,-4.69659)13.14
Peel Beach (54.22515,-4.69659)The Boatyard Restaurant (54.22293,-4.69745)0.23
Total Distance *216.34 miles
Estimated Journey Time6.96 hours

* Approximate distance by road

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