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The Wellness Itinerary

The Wellness Itinerary

The Isle of Man is a nirvana of relaxation, offering some of the most breath-taking scenery and unspoiled nature that the British Isles has to offer.

In a world of digital connectivity where email and social media notifications pop up left, right, and centre, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and neglect the time to recharge and appreciate the moments that really matter.

Luckily, there’s a cure. Here we count down the top five activities in the Isle of Man that will take you from stressed to blessed faster than you can count to zen.


Hiking trails in the Isle of Man are as diverse as they are numerous, and with 40% of the Island uninhabited and at Nature’s will, there are countless official walks, guided walks, and those off the beaten track that allow visitors to discover their own Island story.

The Raad Ny Follian, which runs for 100 miles around the entire Island, is a popular route with locals as it is with visitors and showcases the microcosm of landscapes that represent the best of the Isle of Man's natural beauty.

The trail can be split into manageable sections depending on your ability: from the moderate meanderings of Peel to Kirk Michael, taking in the ancient fortress of Peel Castle and the crystal clear waters of Fenella Beach, to the more challenging Port Erin to Niarbyl trail that offers stunning views of the Calf of Man and some of the most mesmerising sunsets the Island has to offer.


That mindfulness stress-busting app you downloaded? It’s got nothing on the revitalising power of Isle of Man backcountry retreats.

Sometimes getting out of the city is all you need to recharge and rejuvenate, and there’s plenty of space to live the rural dream on our small Island.

From purpose-built, off-grid accommodation to centuries-old farmhouses without Wi-Fi or phone signal, the Isle of Man has tons of glorious options when it comes to remote living. From wildest coast to deepest countryside, there’s a real mix of basic and luxury accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, and given the Island’s compact size, you’re never too far from hustle and bustle when you want to catch a break from solitude.

Rural accommodation offers an entirely liberating experience that's a totally disconnected adventure from city living. Want to wake up at noon? Go ahead. Spend the entire day knitting by a babbling brook? Sure. Whatever your cup of (detox) tea, remote destinations allow you to unplug and revel in the luxury of slow travel.

If you're ready to log off and reconnect with yourself, then this might be the choice for you.


Embrace Mother Nature and connect with the wilderness like never before. Plunge into one of our glistening glens amidst a world of tangled trees, or experience wild swimming within our emerald seas. Wellness isn't just a phase on the Isle of Man, it's a way of life.


Life’s best memories are made around the table, and if there’s one thing the Isle of Man is most proud of, it’s the provenance of our food.

The most important ingredient in our food scene is our location, and the Island's unique history and geography make it a melting pot of character and taste. Surrounded by water and pure nature, the quality of our home-grown and freshly caught produce is second to none.

The Isle of Man has emerged as a gastronomic destination in recent years, full of modern dishes with a distinctly local twist. Fishing has always played a vital role in Manx history and culture, and visiting one of the Island’s many seafood restaurants will help you to understand why all your other seafood experiences pale in comparison.


When did you last pause to gaze up at the night sky and ponder your existence in the universe? Astrotourism is the art of combining astronomy with travel that enables us to tap into a sense of wonder. With 26 extraordinary official dark sky sites dotted around the Island, heading out stargazing is the perfect night time activity.

From the Orion Nebula to the Great Andromeda Galaxy, many astronomical sights can be seen across the entire Island that offer the perfect escape from urban lights to the farther-flung locales where dark skies rule.

The night sky of the Ayres Nature Trail extends from horizon to horizon and offers the perfect conditions for stargazing on a clear night. Your best bet for some kickass astrophotography is to snap some pics from one of the moonlit platforms, with the crystal-clear Northern horizon offering views of the Northern Lights when Nature decides to play ball.

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Product Information

  1. 6: Peel to Kirk Michael Raad ny Foillan


    Grading: Moderate
    Distance: 11 km / 7 miles
    This fascinating section of the Raad ny Foillan will take you past chapels, churches and even past a fine collection of Norse crosses, a perfect stop for a bite to eat and some time to explore.

  2. 4: Port Erin to Niarbyl Raad ny Foillan

    Port Erin

    Grading: Strenuous
    Distance: 15 km / 9.5 miles
    This section of the Raad ny Foillan is particularly spectacular in mid to late summer when the surrounding heather and gorse are in full bloom. with plenty of uphill climbs you'll find mesmerising views throughout.

  3. Brightlife Spa


    Relax and unwind at Brightlife Spa with luxurious and modern facilities and therapies set in idyllic countryside surroundings.

  4. The Ayres National Nature Rerserve and Nature Discovery Centre


    The Ayres is an important stretch of low-lying sand dune coastline at the northern tip of the island, great for walking and bird watching. Parts are designated as an Area of Special Scientific Interest and as a National Nature Reserve, and the Centre tells visitors about the vulnerable area and…

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
6: Peel to Kirk Michael Raad ny Foillan (54.22549,-4.69882)4: Port Erin to Niarbyl Raad ny Foillan (54.08473,-4.77)14.71
4: Port Erin to Niarbyl Raad ny Foillan (54.08473,-4.77)Brightlife Spa (54.35695,-4.42239)34.04
Brightlife Spa (54.35695,-4.42239)The Ayres National Nature Rerserve and Nature Discovery Centre (54.4059,-4.41236)4.94
Total Distance *53.68 miles
Estimated Journey Time1.73 hours

* Approximate distance by road

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