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2 Day Wellness Itinerary

Wellness Holiday Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a nirvana of relaxation, offering some of the most breathtaking scenery and nature that the British Isles has to offer, being the only nation in its entirety to be awarded a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status .

In a world of digital connectivity where notifications pop up left, right, and centre, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and neglect the time to recharge and appreciate the moments that really matter.

Luckily, there’s a cure. Our two day wellness itinerary can take you from stressed to blessed faster than you can count to zen. 

Day 1 

Ballaglass Glen and Cornaa Pool

Start your day nature bathing in Ballaglass Glen, a beautiful woodland that features a babbling river, luscious greenery, and a carpet of bluebells in the springtime. Continue your walk towards Port Cornaa, past Lag Vollagh Freshwater Fish Hatchery, to the serene natural pool located alongside the footpath between Ballaglass Glen and Port Cornaa. Here you can indulge in a refreshing dip and try your hand at wild swimming. 


Next, head to to Milntown, the Island's country house estate. You can enjoy brunch at the cafe, featuring home grown produce fresh from the kitchen garden. Follow this with a wellness walk around the estate's beautiful gardens, with 15 acres of flowers and woodland to explore you won't want to leave.

The Ayres and Brightlife

Take a trip further north still, to The Ayres National Nature Reserve, an area of Special Scientific Interest with an 8km stretch of low-lying sand dune coastline and marked trails. The area is home to an abundance of local wildlife, making it the ideal place to get out your binoculars and see what you can spot. More information on the local wildlife, habitats, and plants can be found at the Nature Discovery Centre. 

The next thing on your agenda is a trip to Brightlife Spa, located in Andreas. Relaxation won't be hard to achieve at this serene spa, with its wide-open spaces and expansive views over the surrounding countryside. You can enjoy spa treatments and facilities, workshops, and delicious homemade food. Overnight stays are also available. 

The Cook Shack

Spend your evening cooking up a storm at The Cook Shack in Bride, nestled in a cottage garden with views stretching to the north of England and Scotland. This bespoke cookery school gives you the opportunity to create delicious dishes and treats, using a plethora of local produce. There's nothing like creating and consuming something tasty to make you feel good! 

Day 2 

Chapel Beach and Kishtey Cheh

Feel revitalised with a dip in the calm waters at Chapel Beach in the south's Port St Mary. The bay is protected from large waves by the breakwater, making it an idyllic place to enjoy a swim, paddle, or a float on the swimmers' raft. The 'cat-walk' leads from the right hand side of the bay to the inner and outer harbours and makes for a scenic stroll, perfect for those who might not fancy taking the plunge into the sea. Follow up with a warming drink at one of Port St Mary's cute cafes, we'd recommend Roots at the Bay or Cornerhouse Coffee

Head over to Port Erin, the neighbouring seaside town, where you'll find Kishtey Cheh Beach Spa. Located on the sand, the spa features a traditional wood-fired sauna, hot tub, and plunge pool. It's the perfect way to chill out in a beautifully aesthetic environment. The fresh water shower also gives you the option to freshen up after your spa session!

Cosy Nook

Next, grab some lunch from one of Port Erin's dining options. We'd suggest the Foraging Vintners, Noa, and Smoky Sam's BBQ pop-up at The Cosy Nook, conveniently located beside the beach spa.

Milner's Tower and Southern Boat Tour

From here, You can go on an invigorating walk through Bradda Glen to Milner's Tower and along the Raad Ny Foillan, the Island's premier long distance coastal footpath. Alternatively, you can hop on a boat tour with one of the small boat tour operators in Port Erin and Port St Mary. They can take you on an exciting trip around the south of the Island, or perhaps a visit to the Calf of Man. The Calf is a small, uninhabited island that extends to approximately 600 acres and is owned by Manx National Heritage, home to some of the finest wildlife in the British Isles. Both activities will leave you feeling at one with nature. 

Port Erin Paddleboards

In the evening, why not grab a mouth-watering traditional pizza at Byron's? Follow this up with a twilight-glo paddleboarding session with Port Erin Paddleboards, letting you glide over the waves with a glowing paddleboard under your feet (or knees!). We guarantee that you'll be feeling sensational by the end of the day. 

The Isle of Man has an abundance of wellness options, see our mindful map for more ideas of how to spend a blissful couple of days on the Island!  

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Product Information

  1. Ballaglass Glen


    Ballaglass Glen can be found north of Laxey. Carpeted in bluebells in Spring it has sparkling streams which dance over rocks sculpted over millions of years.

  2. Milntown Café


    Set in a purpose built conservatory, the café has wonderful views of both the Walled Garden and the famous Winchester gates.

  3. Milntown Gardens


    There are 15 acres of gardens and woodlands in this historic setting for you to explore. Throughout the gardens there are many excellent specimens of rhododendrons, magnolias, camellias and many other species too, all of which produce a dazzling display throughout the summer.

  4. Brightlife Spa


    Relax and unwind at Brightlife Spa with luxurious and modern facilities and therapies set in idyllic countryside surroundings.

  5. The Cook Shack

    Lhen Road,

    The Cook Shack, our bespoke Cookery school offering an inspiring programme of cookery courses. Eat, Live, Love, Manx.

  6. Port St Mary (Chapel) Beach

    Port St Mary

    Port St Mary Beach or Chapel Beach, as it is also known, is situated in the south-east of the Island and has a pretty, sandy, sheltered beach.

  7. Beach Sauna - Kishtey Çheh

    Port Erin

    Experience our authentic beach sauna in Port Erin. It is professionally crafted and thermally treated, with a panoramic view of one of the Islands most iconic landscapes.

  8. Foraging Vintners - Craft Winery


    Using home-grown produce and eco-friendly methods to make their own sparkling wines, Foraging Vintner’s is a new craft winery offering wine tours and tastings for groups of between 4 to 25 people.  

  9. Noa Bakehouse


    Noa Bakehouse is more than just a bakery! This family-run business comprises an artisan sourdough bakery, coffee roaster and locally focused cafe based in the heart of Douglas.

  10. Bradda Glen and Milner's Tower

    Port Erin

    Discover the tranquil beauty of Bradda Glen offering spectacular and panoramic views over the beautiful Port Erin Bay and the Calf of Man.

  11. Boat Trips Isle of Man

    Port St Mary

    Join us to take in the spectacular coastline and the stunning scenery from the Irish Sea. Passengers get the chance to see different wildlife from birds to seals and sometimes we're lucky enough to see Dolphins or even Basking Sharks.

  12. Gemini Charter Boat

    Port St Mary

    The Gemini is a twin engine 35 foot catamaran which makes it an excellent stable platform for all types of trips from bird-watching to coastal cruises around the Calf.

  13. Port St Mary Calf of Man Boat

    Port St Mary

    Take a trip with Port St Mary Boat Excursions for sightseeing, bird-watching and fishing trips that show you the Island from a unique and fascinating perspective.

  14. Shona Boat Trips

    Calf of Man landings and cruises; as well as wildlife, heritage, private charters and trips from Port Erin.

  15. Calf of Man

    Port St Mary

    Located amidst spectacular scenery half a mile off the southern tip of the Isle of Man, the Calf of Man is a small island extending to approximately 600 acres. An ideal destination for birdwatchers to visit.

  16. Byron's

    Port Erin

    Pizzeria located on Port Erin promenade. 

  17. Port Erin Paddleboards

    Shore Road, Port Erin

    Port Erin Paddleboards is the island’s leading Paddleboarding Centre and proud to be the first in Europe to offer the amazing Twilight-Go Paddleboarding Experience.

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Ballaglass Glen (54.28076,-4.35865)Milntown Café (54.32013,-4.4043)4.76
Milntown Café (54.32013,-4.4043)Milntown Gardens (54.31981,-4.40397)0.04
Milntown Gardens (54.31981,-4.40397)Brightlife Spa (54.35695,-4.42239)3.87
Brightlife Spa (54.35695,-4.42239)The Cook Shack (54.3881,-4.39818)3.43
The Cook Shack (54.3881,-4.39818)Port St Mary (Chapel) Beach (54.07856,-4.73659)36.81
Port St Mary (Chapel) Beach (54.07856,-4.73659)Beach Sauna - Kishtey Çheh (54.08541,-4.76003)1.54
Beach Sauna - Kishtey Çheh (54.08541,-4.76003)Foraging Vintners - Craft Winery (54.08457,-4.76514)0.31
Foraging Vintners - Craft Winery (54.08457,-4.76514)Noa Bakehouse (54.14786,-4.47896)17.96
Noa Bakehouse (54.14786,-4.47896)Bradda Glen and Milner's Tower (54.09153,-4.76619)17.79
Bradda Glen and Milner's Tower (54.09153,-4.76619)Boat Trips Isle of Man (54.07058,-4.73292)2.87
Boat Trips Isle of Man (54.07058,-4.73292)Gemini Charter Boat (54.07179,-4.73107)0.16
Gemini Charter Boat (54.07179,-4.73107)Port St Mary Calf of Man Boat (54.07087,-4.7324)0.12
Port St Mary Calf of Man Boat (54.07087,-4.7324)Shona Boat Trips (54.08525,-4.76437)2.37
Shona Boat Trips (54.08525,-4.76437)Calf of Man (54.05347,-4.81579)4.39
Calf of Man (54.05347,-4.81579)Byron's (54.08401,-4.76332)4.35
Byron's (54.08401,-4.76332)Port Erin Paddleboards (54.0848,-4.76559)0.16
Total Distance *100.9 miles
Estimated Journey Time3.25 hours

* Approximate distance by road

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