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Peel Town Walk

Type:Walking Route

Peel Town Walk


Distance: 1 mile 

Grading: Leisurely 

Terrain: Surfaced

Take a stroll around the 'Sunset City' of Peel and discover a wealth of history, art and culture within its streets. Begin your walk at Fenella Beach, which takes its namesake from the character of Fenella in Sir Walter Scott's 1823 novel 'Peveril of the Peak' which was set around the castle. You will also see a 7ft wooden carving of Fenella on the headland, which was carved from a single piece of ash and stands watch over the shell-shingle cove below. 

You will also see the imposing ruins of Peel Castle adjacent to the beach on a small outcrop known as St Patrick's Isle. Dating back to the 11th century, this castle was once a Viking stronghold and over the years has housed many stories and legends, from ghostly dogs to Viking burials, as well as being a possible location of King Arthur's Avalon. 

Continue along the promenade and make your way up the winding streets to Derby Road where you will find the Island's only Cathedral. Built as a parish church in 1884 to support the ancient cathedral in Peel Castle, this building only became a Cathedral in 1980 and has long been a hub of art, culture and history. There are a variety of interesting features both within the Cathedral and outside in the Cathedral grounds where you will find the newly designed Cathedral Gardens that follow the story of Christianity in Mann from the early 5th century to present day. 

Returning to the streets, you will find a wealth of independent shops and curiosities as you make your way down to the ruins of old St Peter's Church and back to the quay, where you will find the House of Manannan. Part of the Story of Mann, this interactive museum takes you through the Island’s rich Celtic, Viking and maritime past with its realistic models, smells and reconstructions. 

Finish your walk along the quayside where you can see many of Peel's historic buildings as you make your way back to Fenella Beach to watch the stunning sunsets that the city is so famous for. 

Advice and Safety Information

Leisurely - walks for reasonably fit people with at least a little country walking experience. Care must be taken whilst walking along certain parts of the footpaths along route, as uneven terrain is a common feature. 







  • Distance: 1-5 Miles
  • Grade: Easy/ Leisurely

Parking & Transport

  • Parking (free)

Provider Features

  • In town/city centre
  • Outdoor Activity

Target Markets

  • Family Fun
Fenella Beach Car Park, West Quay, Peel

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