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Slieau Sloop

Type:Driving Route

Slieau Sloop


A short ascent before a steep descending drive to Sulby glen valley towards the flatter and wilder northern tip of the Island.

Beginning with an ascent of the Mountain Road from Douglas, this route veers left before The Bungalow before the steep and winding descent into the midst of Tholt-ty-Will glen. Passing wooden lodges and chapels this twisting riverside road feels almost Canadian taking you through the serene tree-lined countryside.

From here you can follow the road to the former RAF base at Jurby to find two dedicated vintage transport museums – the Isle of Man Motor Museum (and official TT Museum) and the Jurby Transport Museum.

From here it’s a smooth journey passing a choice of nature reserves on remote countryside roads before reaching Bride and the turning point to The Ayres.  

Here you'll find sand dunes, a beautiful carpet of gorse and heather surrounding the lighthouse and the Ayres Nature Reserve, one of the best places to watch the wildlife on the Isle of Man.

Line up Venues: Isle of Man Motor Museum

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  • By Car


  • All Year


Sulby, Isle Of Man, IM7 2BF

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Route Time -

1h - 3h

Distance -

19.39 miles

Grade -


Route Type -

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