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1 - East Summits

Type:Walking Route

1 - East Summits


A walk circling the Laxey Valley, you will climb four summits including Snaefell’s Marilyn. Starting from the Manx Electric Railway Station in the centre of Laxey, venture along the colourful ‘Ham & Egg Terrace’ passing the Great Laxey Wheel, through Laxey Glen and the charming Agneash village. You will soon get views back to the sea throughout the climbs, including that over Dhoon Glen and dramatic views of our largest valley Glen Mooar. Start your walk at the sea at Laxey Bay for a total sea to summit challenge.

Lots of hospitality can be found in Laxey Old Village including the Laxey Glen Café or the Salmon Lake Centre where you can receive a warm walkers welcome.

Summits on this route: Slieau Ruy 1,299ft (386m) Slieau Ouyr 1,483ft (452m) Slieau Lhean 1,539ft (469m) Snaefell (Marilyn) 2,036 (621m)
​​​​​Start/Finish: Laxey Manx Electric Railway Station
Distance/Duration: 17km or 10.5 mi / 6h
Total ascent: 731m
Difficulty: Difficult
Terrain: Road and glen footpaths with some open moorland that is boggy in places.

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Manx Summits over 1000ft - Self-Guided Routes
This route is one of eight scenic self-guided walking routes for experienced walkers, bagging 25 summits over 1000ft on the Isle of Man, the first entire nation to be designated a UNESCO Biosphere. Majestic landscapes can be expected in abundance whilst walking in the wild Manx uplands. The islands awe-inspiring nature and rich tapestry of flora and fauna will come to life as you explore your chosen route. Whatever the season, you can be sure to witness breath-taking views; spring brings with it lush greenery whilst late summer rolls out a vibrant carpet of heather and western gorse. Be surprised at each turn and over every climb, discover 360 views and magnificent hilltops steeped in Celtic heritage and legend, fern-filled glens and other hidden gems.

General Advice
> Plan ahead. Before your walk check the status of the routes you plan to walk.
> There are some strenuous stretches and climbs: be prepared and well equipped.
> Arrange your daily distances to suit your fitness and the load you are carrying.
> Take some refreshments with you on your walk.
> The weather in upland and coastal areas can change rapidly and there can be poor visibility at times, check the forecast and tide and take suitable protective clothing for the conditions. 
> Don’t walk on any private land. Respect wishes of the landowners and comply with any signage.

Countryside Code Advice for the Public
> Respect everyone. 
> Leave gates and property as you find them.
> Take your litter home – leave no trace of your visit.
> Keep dogs under control, in sight and on a lead near livestock. Dogs must be kept on a lead when walking off the paths in breeding bird season (1st April – 31st July).
> Care for nature – do not cause damage or disturbance. 
> Do not light fires or discard any cigarettes anywhere within the countryside.


Start/Finish: Laxey Manx Electric Railway Station, Laxey

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