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3 Day Summer Itinerary

3 Day Summer Itinerary Isle of Man The Sound

As the only whole nation UNESCO Biosphere, The Isle of Man really comes into its own in the summer. Endless opportunities for adventure can be found on this hidden gem of an Island, so we've packed in as many as we can in this three day summer itinerary! 

Day 1 

The Sound and Cregneash

Begin your first day with brunch at The Cafe at The Sound, overlooking one of the Isle of Man's most scenic spots, the Calf of Man. The Calf is a 600 acre island that is located half a mile off the southern tip of the Isle of Man, it's a wildlife paradise for seals and seabirds, many of which can be spotted from the cafe's position at The Sound.

Next, check out the preserved traditional Manx crofting village of Cregneash, as well as the Chasms, a dramatic cliffside rock formation that features large crevices. From this location you can see the sugarloaf rock, a towering crag that houses hundreds of nesting seabirds.

Cosy Nook and Paddleboarding in Port Erin

Grab some lunch in the idyllic beachside town of Port Erin. Head to the Foraging Vintners x Noa pop up at The Cosy Nook, where you can enjoy local artisan wines, beverages, and tasty treats on the beach. What's more, you can get active and take part in some watersports in the calm waters of Port Erin Bay, options include; paddleboarding, aquabiking, and windsurfing. 

Steam Train and Castle Rushen

Hop aboard the traditional Isle of Man Steam Railway and head from Port Erin to Castletown, where you can explore Castle Rushen, a wonderfully preserved fortress that dates back to the 1200s.

Gaiety Theatre and Kiki Lounge

Once you're finished exploring, head back to Douglas on the steam train, where you can spend your evening catching a show at the stunning Gaiety Theatre or enjoying local food and drink at one of the capital's many bars and restaurants. To sample the Island's incredible seafood offering we'd recommend Little Fish Cafe, and for unique cocktails we recommend Kiki Lounge, both located on the cosmopolitan North Quay. 

Day 2 

The Shed and Laxey Wheel

Start your second day in Laxey with a relaxing coffee on the pebbly beach from one of the much-loved beachside cafes; The Shed or Laxey Beach Stop Cafe. If you fancy a bite to eat you can grab a selection of delicious homemade goodies, The Shed even has a gelato and crumble shed! 

Next, check out the Great Laxey Wheel, the world's largest working water wheel. You can take the spiral stairs to the top of the wheel for panoramic views over the valley and village of Laxey, as well as explore the mine trail to find out about the lives of those who worked in the Laxey Mine that's connected to the Great Laxey Wheel. 

Snaefell Mountain Railway

After this, hop aboard the Snaefell Mountain Railway, the only electric mountain railway in the British Isles. The journey will take you from Laxey village to the top of Snaefell, the Island’s only mountain. On a beautiful summer day you'll be able to take in breathtaking views as the tram trundles up to the summit, and once you reach the top you'll be able to see what locals refer to as the Seven Kingdoms; England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Heaven, and the sea.

MER and Milntown

Head from Laxey to Ramsey, you can choose to do so by boarding the Manx Electric Railway, the longest narrow gauge vintage electric railway system in the British Isles. For a bite to eat, you can choose from a variety of cafes and restaurants based in Ramsey, including the cafe at Milntown Estate, the Island's beautiful stately home with magnificent gardens.


In the evening, head to The Fynoderee Distillery where you can sample their premium Manx spirits; gins, rums and vodka, alongside a Manx mezze plate that features tasty local produce. For a delicious evening meal in Ramsey, check out Good Stuff restaurant. 

Day 3 

South Barrule Forrest Mountain Biking and Ape Mann

Start your third and final day in South Barrule Forest, where you can take in the luscious greenery with a coffee in hand from The Coffee Cottage as you walk around the beautiful forest. What's more, you can try your hand at a multitude of activities; mountain biking, Laser Mayhem, Ape Mann and quad biking.  

Davison's Ice Cream

Afterwards, travel to Peel where you can enjoy a yummy lunch from one of the promenade cafes, such as Roots by the Sea or Peel Beach Kiosk. Why not make the most of being by the seaside with ice cream from Davison's Ice Cream Parlour, or fish and chips from The Cod and Castle.  

Peel Castle and Fenella Beach

Take time to wander around Peel Castle, an 11th century castle created by the Vikings, or enjoy the coastal footpath behind Peel Castle and the pretty Fenella Beach, which is covered in thousands of shells. For the most impressive view of the castle and the beautiful bay of Peel we recommend walking up Peel Hill to Corrin's Folly

Knockaloe Museum and The Boatyard

Continue your adventure with a trip to the Knockaloe Centre for WW1 Internment, where you can learn about the Knockaloe Internment Camp, the largest WW1 Internment Camp that held over 30,000 German, Austro-Hungrian and Turkish civilians during the war. It's also the birthplace of pilates, founded by internee Joseph Pilates. 

End your final day with a visit to one of Peel's lively restaurants, for local seafood we suggest visiting The Boatyard or The Creek Inn, both located on the scenic East Quay. 

Check out our other itineraries for more ideas of how to spend your time on the Isle of Man! 

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  1. The Sound

    Port st Mary

    At the Island's very southern tip is one of the most scenic places in the British Isles. Abundant with wildlife and natural wonders, this area is a hotspot for seals sunbathing on the rocky Kitterland, a small rocky islet.

  2. The Café at The Sound


    The cafe at the Sound is in the most southerly part of the Island with views out to the Calf of Man. A large cafe with floor to ceiling windows allows you to enjoy the views no matter what the weather. Great Wildlife, great food, tranquil location.

  3. Calf of Man

    Port St Mary

    Located amidst spectacular scenery half a mile off the southern tip of the Isle of Man, the Calf of Man is a small island extending to approximately 600 acres. An ideal destination for birdwatchers to visit.

  4. Cregneash


    Settled on an upland plateau overlooking the Calf of Man, Cregneash village was one of the last strongholds of the Manx language and customs which characterised the crofting way of life.

  5. Port Erin Beach

    Port Erin

    Picturesque Port Erin Beach is situated in the southwest of the Island. The beach sits in a sheltered bay bordered by the tall cliffs of Bradda Head to the north.

  6. 7th Wave

    Port Erin

    RYA Training Centre recognised for dinghy sailing, powerboating and shorebased courses all in Port Erin, for adults and kids, families and corporate groups. We also offer kayak and paddleboard hire.

  7. Port Erin Paddleboards

    Shore Road, Port Erin

    Port Erin Paddleboards is the island’s leading Paddleboarding Centre and proud to be the first in Europe to offer the amazing Twilight-Go Paddleboarding Experience.

  8. Aquabike Isle of Man

    Port Erin

    Aquabike adventures around the beautiful Port Erin Bay. Jump aboard our easy to ride, high performance, pedal powered Chiliboats.

  9. Isle of Man Steam Railway


    Experience the excitement of travelling between Douglas and the south of the Island on a Victorian steam railway perfectly preserved in time.

  10. Castle Rushen


    Discover one of the best preserved medieval castles in Europe.

  11. Gaiety Theatre


    The Gaiety Theatre is the jewel in the Manx Heritage crown. Presenting a year-round programme of entertainment including plays and musicals, you'll be sure to find something entertaining to watch during your time on the Island.

  12. Little Fish Cafe


    Little Fish Café is situated on the North Quay in Douglas and serves both lunch and dinner.

  13. Kiki Lounge


    Kiki's is an Extra Fancy tiki bar, a tropical hideaway tucked beneath the not so sunny streets of Douglas. We serve cocktails, rum and good old fashioned tiki fun. We compliment our tropical treats with an eclectic soundtrack of reggae, motown and disco beats.

  14. The Shed


    Quirky, cosy, artisan beachside eatery on the far end of Laxey Promenade. Open all year round, you can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome.

  15. Laxey Beach Stop Cafe


    The Laxey Beach Stop Cafe provides refreshments with the fabulous backdrop of Laxey Bay, and a selection of ice cream, cakes and much more.

  16. Laxey Beach


    Laxey Beach is situated on the Island's east coast approximately 8 miles north of Douglas. Laxey has a pebble and sand beach, which gets progressively sandier the closer you go to the low-water mark.

  17. The Great Laxey Wheel


    This feat of Victorian engineering and ingenuity is the largest surviving waterwheel of its kind in the world.

  18. Snaefell Mountain Railway


    Join the Snaefell Mountain Railway at Laxey and travel to the summit of Snaefell. From here, at over 2,000 feet and on a clear day, it is said you can see seven kingdoms at a glance, unless of course the legendary Manannan cloaks you in mist.

  19. Snaefell Mountain

    Snaefell is the Island’s only mountain. Its summit is 2,036ft above sea level.

  20. Manx Electric Railway


    Take an unforgettable journey along the east coast of the Island on this unique electric railway which dates back over 130 years.

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
The Sound (54.06383,-4.79321)The Café at The Sound (54.06392,-4.79214)0.06
The Café at The Sound (54.06392,-4.79214)Calf of Man (54.05347,-4.81579)1.74
Calf of Man (54.05347,-4.81579)Cregneash (54.06831,-4.76806)3.18
Cregneash (54.06831,-4.76806)Port Erin Beach (54.08712,-4.75987)1.95
Port Erin Beach (54.08712,-4.75987)7th Wave (54.085,-4.75957)0.21
7th Wave (54.085,-4.75957)Port Erin Paddleboards (54.0848,-4.76559)0.35
Port Erin Paddleboards (54.0848,-4.76559)Aquabike Isle of Man (54.08464,-4.76439)0.07
Aquabike Isle of Man (54.08464,-4.76439)Isle of Man Steam Railway (54.14771,-4.48596)17.53
Isle of Man Steam Railway (54.14771,-4.48596)Castle Rushen (54.07382,-4.65241)12.26
Castle Rushen (54.07382,-4.65241)Gaiety Theatre (54.15616,-4.47781)13.16
Gaiety Theatre (54.15616,-4.47781)Little Fish Cafe (54.1477,-4.48062)0.86
Little Fish Cafe (54.1477,-4.48062)Kiki Lounge (54.14778,-4.47981)0.05
Kiki Lounge (54.14778,-4.47981)The Shed (54.22362,-4.39386)9.12
The Shed (54.22362,-4.39386)Laxey Beach Stop Cafe (54.22505,-4.39098)0.22
Laxey Beach Stop Cafe (54.22505,-4.39098)Laxey Beach (54.22456,-4.39159)0.06
Laxey Beach (54.22456,-4.39159)The Great Laxey Wheel (54.23805,-4.40749)1.64
The Great Laxey Wheel (54.23805,-4.40749)Snaefell Mountain Railway (54.23215,-4.40532)0.6
Snaefell Mountain Railway (54.23215,-4.40532)Snaefell Mountain (54.25686,-4.46148)4.12
Snaefell Mountain (54.25686,-4.46148)Manx Electric Railway (54.16712,-4.46035)8.99
Manx Electric Railway (54.16712,-4.46035)Milntown Café (54.32013,-4.4043)15.68
Milntown Café (54.32013,-4.4043)Milntown Gardens (54.31981,-4.40397)0.04
Milntown Gardens (54.31981,-4.40397)The Fynoderee Distillery (54.32022,-4.38151)1.31
The Fynoderee Distillery (54.32022,-4.38151)Good Stuff (54.32091,-4.38103)0.07
Good Stuff (54.32091,-4.38103)South Barrule Forest (54.15856,-4.64417)22.41
South Barrule Forest (54.15856,-4.64417)South Barrule Mountain Bike Trails (54.15716,-4.64344)0.15
South Barrule Mountain Bike Trails (54.15716,-4.64344)Laser Mayhem (54.15768,-4.64316)0.05
Laser Mayhem (54.15768,-4.64316)Ape Mann Adventure Park (54.15525,-4.64314)0.24
Ape Mann Adventure Park (54.15525,-4.64314)Quad Bike Mania (54.15787,-4.64284)0.26
Quad Bike Mania (54.15787,-4.64284)Roots by The Sea (54.22391,-4.69266)7.23
Roots by The Sea (54.22391,-4.69266)Davison's Ice Cream Parlour (54.224,-4.69475)0.12
Davison's Ice Cream Parlour (54.224,-4.69475)The Cod and Castle (54.22401,-4.69475)0
The Cod and Castle (54.22401,-4.69475)Peel Castle (54.22609,-4.69835)0.3
Peel Castle (54.22609,-4.69835)Coastal Footpath behind Peel Castle (54.22609,-4.69835)0
Coastal Footpath behind Peel Castle (54.22609,-4.69835)Fenella Beach (54.22538,-4.69936)0.09
Fenella Beach (54.22538,-4.69936)Corrin's Folly (54.21331,-4.71022)1.37
Corrin's Folly (54.21331,-4.71022)Knockaloe Centre for WW1 Internment (54.20489,-4.6938)1.28
Knockaloe Centre for WW1 Internment (54.20489,-4.6938)The Boatyard Restaurant (54.22293,-4.69745)1.82
Total Distance *128.6 miles
Estimated Journey Time4.14 hours

* Approximate distance by road

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