The Extraordinary Story

  1. Discoverers
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  2. Explorers
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  3. Artisans
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  4. Believers
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  5. Movers
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  6. Adventurers
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Extraordinary Highlights

  1. Instatourism
    Our magnificent Island has taken centre stage on the world’s most visual social media platform, Instagram, creating an innovative way for users to interactively explore our Island– creating the world’s first Instagram Tourism.
  2. What’s On
    The Island isn't short of year round special events from major competitions and sporting events to festivals celebrating food, culture and transport to name a few!
  3. It’s the season for heart-warming and great tasting food. Search our eateries which are quality assured or spend your evening with friends at a traditional pub or laid-back cocktail bar.
    The Island is a melting pot of character and taste. Try local Manx dishes like Queenies and Loaghtan lamb at our accredited Harvest eateries for a taste of hearty home-sourced produce and real flavour.
  4. Where to Stay
    There is a wide choice of places to stay Island wide and never far away from a town or the coast! Also find stays tailored for your needs, whether you are bringing your furry companion or much loved motorcycle.
  5. Visitor Information
    Across shadowed waters lies a hidden Island. A place where tradition is buried within extraordinary stories, passed from generation to generation and secrets sweep the hilltops and villages, ready to unfold.