Not only is Castletown the old capital of the Isle of Man and packed full of folklore tales, heritage and culture but it is super scenic, with nearby walks uncovering more of its ancient heritage and stunning natural landscapes. We have pulled together some exciting and different options to see Castletown and the nearby area through a new lens and to appreciate the true character of this small, but mighty town.

Island Escapes Evening Tours

Join blue-badge guide and historian Chris Callow for a light-touch introduction to the ancient capital of Mann, learning about the events and personalities that colour the town's past.

Taking place on Wednesday evenings throughout August, the tour lasts approximately one-hour and costs £10 per person. 

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Castletown Heritage Site Tours

A brilliant tour that not only gives you and insight into the work required to maintain the heritage sites but also the history that is weaved through them. Tours are held every Saturday, 10am-12pm, take you from Castle Rushen onto the debating chamber at the Old House of Keys to discover the curious story of the ingenious Captain George Quayle in his eccentric boathouse at the Nautical Museum.

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Photography Tours

Often described as the jewel of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is a landscape photographer's paradise. David, who hosts the tours, will take you to the most photogenic locations in and around Castletown. From the historic Castle harbour setting to the stunning land and seascapes at the nearby Langness peninsula with its amazing surprises. Each tour is tailored to fit your level of experience and mobility to capture the best possible images.

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Isle of Man Ghost Tours

As you walk through the atmospheric streets at dusk, go on an entertaining and thought-provoking journey to the dark, ghostly pasts of the Isle of Man. Castletown, once home to the Kings and Lords of Mann, was a place of power, the courts and, of course, punishment. As you are guided through these ancient streets, you will hear the tales of the ghostly servant Annie, of the Woman in Black, the last Manx witch to be burnt at the stake, and of some of the grisly punishments that happened over the centuries. 

Tours are held every Thursday starting opposite the main door of Castle Rushen at 8pm.

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Silverdale Glen walk to Castletown

Silverdale Glen and Castletown Stroll

A delightful route connecting Silverdale Glen with Castletown. Perfect for family adventurers to enjoy the playground, boating lake, water powered Victorian roundabout - last of its kind in the British Isles and Europe! The trail follows the lush riverside trail past the ancient Monk’s Bridge and Rushen Abbey (thought to be connected by tunnels to the Castle) before arriving in Castletown. 

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Balley Cashtal Beg

Balley Cashtal Beg, which is Manx Gaelic for 'Little Castletown', is a town within a town in the South of the Island. With over 70 fairy doors to find, it's the perfect way to keep your little explorers entertained. Explore the ancient capital and see if you can find where the Little People live as you search for the bright and colourful fairy doors which form a permanent trail around the town.

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Where to eat: The old capital boasts a number of places to dine - the charming restaurant Tuscany which is so authentic you would think you were in a little town in Italia. Try authentic Japanese cuisine at the intimate setting of Kizuna or familiar home-cooked dishes and pub classics can be found at The George.

Stay: Castletown offers a range of accommodation from maritime style cottages, pub inn rooms to luxurious apartments with views of the Castle. The outskirts of Castletown offers up elegant estate houses to lighthouses set on the peninsula. Search places to stay near Castletown.

With transport connecting Castletown with the southern towns, Castletown makes a great base for those walking the best of the Raad ny Foillan. The route takes you from here to the path at Scarlett onto Port St Mary to the very southern tip at The Sound. It then traverses up the West coast with the final stretch being a tough but rewarding hike from Port Erin to Peel.


Castle Rushen
Castle / Fort
Castle Rushen across the Harbour

Discover one of the best preserved medieval castles in Europe.

Isle of Man Ghost Tours
Guided Tour
Isle of Man Ghost Tours

We take you to darker ghostly pasts in a variety of sites on the Isle of Man. Your guide will provide an entertaining and thought provoking dialogue as you visit the towns and sites thought to be haunted.

Scarlett Nature Discovery Centre & Nature Trail
Heritage / Visitor Centre
Scarlett Nature Discovery Centre & Nature Trail

The Nature Discovery Centre is full of information on its surroundings, the environment in general and the work of Manx Wildlife Trust.