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The West

The West

This one day itinerary covering the West corner of the Island, is brimming with our Island's fascinating history; head to the House of Manannan to discover our Celtic, Viking and maritime past, enjoy a leisurely stroll across a Medieval castle and walk quaint cobbled streets to find hidden gems along the infamous Peel antique trail, while rounding off with a cosy coffee and cake with sea views...

The West 

 Stop 1 - Peel Castle 

Constructed by the Vikings in the 11th century, the Castle stands on St Patrick's Isle and remains an impressive feature on Sunset City's coastline. While no longer used, the red sandstone walls of the castle remain intact and provide an intriguing walk through history as you walk around the Castle's remains...

Over the years there have been many stories about the Castle, including the story of the 'Moddey Dhoo' black dog that roams the halls!

As well as providing panoramic views over Peel and out to the Irish Sea, you may even be lucky enough to spot the local seals and basking sharks which are often seen nearby!

Stop 2 - Roots by the Sea

Relax, hang out and catch up with friends, family and your community in this lovely little corner of Peel overlooking the Beach. Roots by The Sea is a more than just another café - strong advocates of nourishing the mind, soul and body, Roots host a number of communitity style events, including community swims! Bagels and coffees are the dishes of the day!

Stop 3 - Peel Shops and Antiques Trail

The quaint, winding streets of Peel host numerous shops all within a short walk of each other. Each shop varies in style and collections, but you can be sure that they all contain many unique and interesting items that you won't find anywhere else.

Antique hideaways include the Arts and Antiques Centre just off the quay, the Old Bonded Warehouse which has three floors, with everything from tiny collectables to large antique furniture. Mannin Collections which specialises in Manx antiques and specialist items, including antiquarian Manx books, paintings and coins.   

Further along, there is All Kinds Collectables which, as the name suggests, stocks a wide variety of items and Avril's Antiques, where you are sure to find a hidden treasure or two. Atholl Place Collectables, has two floors and has a varied selection of both Manx items and valuable antiques and jewellery that are sure to pique your interest. There are also two wildlife shops that support Manx wildlife charities and have a wide selection of Manx and wildlife-themed gifts, toys and recycled goods... 

Final Stop - House of Mannanan

A trip to Peel also wouldn't be complete without a stop at the House of Manannan, which sits beside the Peel Marina and provides a fascinating look back through the history of Peel and the island's myths and legends. It also houses a gift shop, where they have an assortment of Viking-themed gifts, Celtic jewellery, books, gifts and souvenirs many handmade on the Isle of Man.

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Product Information

  1. Peel Castle


    Visit Peel Castle, the ancient Vikings’ home and don't miss panoramic views over Peel, seal and basking shark spotting.

  2. Peel Shops and Antiques Trail

    Isle Of Man

    Follow the Antiques Trail in Peel, where you will find numerous Antiques and Collectables Stores, each with its own unique style and the possibility of finding something truly unique to take home from your trip to the Isle of Man's 'Sunset City'.

  3. House of Manannan


    The legendary sea god Manannan will guide you through the Island’s rich Celtic, Viking and maritime past.

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Peel Castle (54.22635,-4.69787)Peel Shops and Antiques Trail (54.22426,-4.69754)0.21
Peel Shops and Antiques Trail (54.22426,-4.69754)House of Manannan (54.222,-4.69748)0.23
Total Distance *0.44 miles
Estimated Journey Time1 minutes

* Approximate distance by road

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