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Hop-Tu-Naa Haunts

Hop-Tu-Naa Haunts

The Isle of Man is rich in history… and steeped in legend. Stories and places from the great beyond are abundant and, with Hop Tu Naa just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better time to get out and explore them!

The Peel Ghost Walk Tour 

Posted by Isle of Man Ghost Tours on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

On the west of the Island, is the old fishing town of Peel. Walk the streets and lanes of the of this truly Manx town and hear ghostly stories of the terrifying black dog; The Mauthe Doo; of ghostly carriages, icy hands and an old school with a ghostly pupil that still remains…Starting at the House of Manannan, let Isle of Man Ghost Tours take you to darker ghostly pasts...

Vampire Grave, Malew Church 

Matthew Hassall seemed an ordinary Manxman until the day he died and loved ones gathered at his wake. It was then that he sat straight up and frightened everyone present! Declared a Vampire, it was decided that he could not officially be buried in hallowed ground.

The legend goes that his grave, located at Malew Church Yard, was dug from behind the stone wall that the grave stands against and his body placed inside that way. Just to make sure he didn’t rise again, a stone slab was placed over his corpse and iron stakes and chains cover the grave to keep him in. These chains have remained from the 1800s to present day.

Milltown Estate, Ramsey

New to Scarefest this year... the interactive Fire and Light show which will take place every 30 minutes from the front...

Posted by Milntown Estate on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Milntown Estate for many is a beautiful and historic house on the Lezayre road out of Ramsey. It has beautiful gardens, a restaurant and also offers guided House Tours. However, it’s reported to be the most haunted house on the Isle of Man! There are two main ghosts that have been reported here, one the former lady of the house and the other a malevolent and aggressive spirit who likes to frighten visitors... If you're brave enough, you can uncover the full story at one of Milntown's Ghost Tours. Alternatively, why not consider attending Milntown's very own Scarefest 2020 - The Reawakening!

Gaiety Theatre

Renowned architect, Frank Matcham designed the beautiful Gaiety Theatre which first opened its doors in the year 1900. Though renovated since, the ghosts of this theatre remain true to their roots.

There is the lady in black who lingers in the hallways, walking through walls. Then there’s the man in grey who likes to sit in the boxes, smoking a big fat cigar during rehearsals.

Missed cue or a dropped prop? Not on the watch of the ‘helping hands’. These mysterious beings are never seen - but many performers and stagehands report being aided by a pair of apparitional hands ensuring the shows go on without a hitch.

Perhaps the most famous of the Gaiety ghosts is the lady in seat B14. Said to have lost her husband in the war, the lady in seat B14 looks more like a friendly grandma than an otherworldly being - until she disappears. She still comes to the Gaiety to take in her favourite shows and seat B14 is often left unoccupied in case she fancies an evening at the theatre. To unearth the full story, why not try a Guided Tour of the Theatre?  

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Product Information

  1. House of Manannan


    The legendary sea god Manannan will guide you through the Island’s rich Celtic, Viking and maritime past.

  2. Kirk Malew Church

    Isle Of Man

    The beautiful Kirk Malew Church is a traditional Manx church that still retains the original designs of the churches of old. Previously the parish church for the old Manx capital, it now contains a fine selection of memorials and ancient Celtic crosses which showcase the site's rich Manx heritage.…

  3. Milntown Estate

    Just off the TT Course near Ramsey, Milntown is a stately home that is comprised of the historical house, a modern conservatory café and 15 acres of beautiful gardens and woodlands. The house contains various rooms available for tours and conferences, as well the recently refurbished library…

  4. Gaiety Theatre


    The Gaiety Theatre is the jewel in the Manx Heritage crown. Presenting a year round programme of entertainment, theater, film, arts and music, you'll be sure to find something entertaining to watch during your time on the Island.

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House of Manannan (54.222,-4.69748)Kirk Malew Church (54.09151,-4.64942)13.38
Kirk Malew Church (54.09151,-4.64942)Milntown Estate (54.32003,-4.40396)27.04
Milntown Estate (54.32003,-4.40396)Gaiety Theatre (54.15616,-4.47781)16.98
Total Distance *57.39 miles
Estimated Journey Time1.85 hours

* Approximate distance by road

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