If you operate an eatery or visitor accommodation on the Isle of Man, it is worth considering our Welcome Schemes, which can be a useful tool in communicating your commitment to an extra level of guest comfort and consideration. Visitors with specific requirements, such as walkers, cyclists and stargazers, can be assured that whenever they see the Welcome Scheme logo, their needs will have been considered.

There are six welcome schemes to reflect key customers; Cyclists, those travelling with Dogs, Motorcyclists, Walkers, Stargazers and Families. Each scheme has a specifically designed criteria outlining facilities, services and information provision that should be considered – for instance, the provision of First Aid kits, cots and highchairs for families and somewhere to dry wet clothing and clean muddy boots for walkers.

We recently spoke to Fiona Anderson, who runs the popular Knockaloe Beg Farm, who said that looking at the Welcome Scheme criteria made her realise “There are a few things for each of those groups of people that we were not catering for, and it helped us to work out what they were.” She explained, “when the Stargazers Welcome scheme came out last year we realised that actually we’ve got binoculars, but maybe not everyone knew where they were – so we put those in the welcome cupboard so guests know. If there’s specific things that they want, they go to the welcome cupboard. We find our bookings are excellent, which is partly to do with the welcome schemes.”

The schemes are initially a self-assessment - If you can confidently confirm that your establishment provides the required products and services, as outlined in the criteria, you are eligible to join the scheme. With accommodation registrations for the 2018-19 registration year now open, it is a fantastic time to consider joining schemes and ensuring that your establishment is as visible as possible to potential customers.  As Fiona explains, “The registration process is really straightforward, government have made it really easy. They give you a list of what you need to do and you just go down the list. You tick a box on your registration form and it is graded at the same time as your assessment – which is really straightforward.”

Watch Fiona’s full interview here:

If you run a tourism business on theIsle of Man and would like to register for Welcome Schemes , please contact tourismquality@gov.im.




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