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One of the great features of the destination management system is the prominence it places on pictures. The beauty of the Island is one of our key selling point and images enable us to showcase different aspects of that in just a few short seconds. 
In this series of blogs we will provide you with top tips to showcase your property.  
To effectively showcase a room, you will need a lens that can help you to display as much of it as possible. That said good photography is often as much about deciding what to leave out as what to include. 
Most consumer SLR cameras will come with an 18-55mm lens as standard with an 18mm focal length giving the widest angle and 55mm at the most zoomed in. Most handheld compact digital cameras will not shoot quite as wide but are often able to zoom a bit more. The most up to date smart phones  (for example the iPhone 6s) will have a relatively high quality camera, however you will find the image sensors are small, which limits overall quality of the image and will not shoot sufficiently wide for most images inside a property. 
If you have a camera that does shoot wide, take some test shots with different amounts of zoom applied. Be careful, some cameras and lenses will distort the edges of the image making straight edges appears curved. Image distortion can be a fun effect in some cases or an indication of a photographer trying to make a room look bigger than it is in others. Try to get further back before resorting to ultra-wide angles. 




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