How to Attract Your Ideal Customer Online

Have you ever stopped to think about who you really want using your products or services? Not everyone makes the ideal customer but there are ways you can attract a more desirable client…

Everyone is NOT ideal

An ideal customer will love the accommodation you provide and the service you offer. They will tell other people about you, they will not question the price, they will write rave reviews and you will look forward to working with them.

On the other hand, a customer who is not ideal may complain about the price, leave poor reviews, moan about you to others and you will dread the thought of him or her returning!

So our job is to attract only the ideal customers.  Can you guess who these posts will attract?

Maybe it’s the family looking for adventure …

The bride looking for a honeymoon, a young couple who love food and adventure or a retired family who need somewhere to bring the dogs.  The images and content you share actually attracts the people who book your accommodation or activity.

Who is the ideal customer?

To be able to post content to attract your ideal customer, first you need to know who your ideal customer is.

Take some time out with a pen and paper and begin by giving your ideal customer a name. We do this so that this person comes to life. When you begin to post great content you will be posting it solely for this person.

Let’s say she is called Rachel. Write down her age, where she lives, what restaurant would she eat out at, where does she work, what’s her job title, what magazine will she read?

Now write down the problems she has in relation to visiting the Isle of Man or taking part in the activity you offer.

For example:

  • Is there enough to do?
  • What if the weather is poor?
  • Are there any good restaurants?
  • Can she bring the dog?


Keep the focus on Rachel

Now you have a clearer picture of Rachel. Use these filters to post content that might attract Rachel.

Always think – would Rachel want to see what you’re posting or would she say ‘SO WHAT?’ The idea is to make your online content like a magazine which is solely aimed at Rachel. Think about it – if she isn’t attracted to what you post why would she consider booking with you?

You may find you have a couple of ideal customers but to start with it’s best to focus on one and practice creating content solely for that person.

Learn from Rachel

If you have a Rachel staying with you, listen very carefully to what she asks you. Create content around what she tells you because that will attract all the Rachels out there.

For example, the most frequently asked question might be: are there any restaurants within walking distance?

In response, you could create a video showing all the restaurants within walking distance.

Or even add a time lapse to show how easy it is to access local amenities.

You could visit your local restaurant and interview the chef. You could ask your visitors what the highlights of their visit have been and do a small post or feature on each of them.

Your content is the key to attracting your ideal client but first you have to take the time to really understand who your ideal customer is and what they want from you.

Remember the big three when you start to produce content

  • Produce great content and be helpful
  • Be consistent as the algorithms are looking for episode content
  • Consider your social media as a community and leave no comment unanswered

Find out more about producing great content in How to use Facebook to promote your tourism business 

Alison Teare - Simply Marketing

Alison is the Owner/Director of Simply Marketing Limited and Co-Director of Social Jungle Limited. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and a qualified marketer.
A social media expert, trainer and speaker, Alison regularly provides advice to businesses to guide their social media policies and strategy. She has a passion for helping new and existing businesses in the rural economy to overcome their unique problems by teaching them how to maximise opportunities and get results from their social media efforts.
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