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Us Manxies are a patriotic lot. Know someone as Manx as the Hills and proud? We’ve rounded up some super-Manx gifts, for some super-Manx people in your life. Whether they live at home or away, these festive gifts are sure to delight.


Manx cheese. It’s world-class, and loved by many because, well, it’s gorgeous. With gift hampers available at Robinson’s, this is a treat for some cheese lovers.You can also order directly from the Isle of Man Creamery. 

Davison's Chocolate

Davison’s is an iconic Manx brand- many of us had our childhood’s defined by a few scoops of Davison’s by the coast. While a tub of ice cream might not be the most practical gift to have below the tree, Davison’s chocolate will last under the tree. There are some super Manx options, including the three legs, a chocolate map of the island, and a Manx cat. 


Wearing Manx merch is a very obvious way to say that you’re proud of the rock. There’s the iconic Supermanx t-shirt, and a selection of clothes and accessories from our mates at Hoolie. 

Some Manx Booze

Know a Manxie who loves a tipple? We are a nation of pub lovers, after all. From Fynoderee Gin and Rum, Bushy’s BeerForaging Vintners huge range of alcoholic beverages and Outlier’s Rum, there is pretty much a Manx bev for anyone.

Manx Tartan Goods

A bit of Manx tartan is a subtle way to show your love of the island. Scarves and flat caps will be particularly win for the patriotic person in your life. The Manx Tartan Shop, and Mostly Manx have you covered! 

Celtic Gold

A real treat, these are truly special gifts. These designs highlight our Celtic heritage in a beautiful way.