A letter to our followers...

It's a new year but with travel restrictions still in place, we once again find ourselves unable to invite you (for the time being) to our shores to experience our seabound kingdom at its finest. 

In this time where physical connection and interaction is just not possible, we must remember the importance of staying connected with one another, whether that's through daily Whatsapp checks, weekly Zoom quizzes and any other virtual form that we can.

As a destination we are not immune to this absence of interaction. We really miss you, our extraordinary visitors. We miss seeing your photos, we miss reading your #IOMstories and we miss sharing our Island's magic with you. The Isle of Man may be small but we have a big community spirit. One that thrives with the presence of our visitors and we can't wait to share this spirit with you once more.

For those of you who have missed your annual trip or newbies patiently waiting to experience a Manx adventure, we want to help you feel connected to the Isle of Man as much as possible through these unprecedented times. We have highlighted below a list of ways you can remain connected with our Isle:

We also hope that our newsletters and social media posts help you to feel connected and inspire you to bookmark activities for future visits.

We are patiently waiting to welcome you and want you to know that, when you are able to visit, our extraordinary Island will provide the perfect space for you to create new stories with loved ones. See some of our favourite #IOMstories below!

Until then...stay safe, stay extraordinary.

Visit Isle of Man

Would you like to bring some of the Isle of Man into your home? Here's a list of our local businesses that are offering delivery of their products to the UK:

Foraging Vintners - a craft winery based in Port Erin, producing non-grape based varietes of delicious sparkling wine..

Fynoderee - producer of mythical Manx spirits using locally grown and foraged botanicals. 

Robinson's - a family-run business that provide a comprehensive range of luxury hampers, floral gifts and much more.

Kim Gee Studio - a local artist known for her watercolour portraits, she also has a range of 'MiniMann' prints, accessories and home furnishings depicting beautifully simplistic takes on Manx landscapes. 

Gef the Mongoose - a local media company that collaborates with local designers to create 'Mongoose Merch' with products ranging from personalised jumpers and t-shirts to face-masks, tote bages and more.

Shakti Man - a cultural gift shop based in Ramsey, specialising in ethical, sustainable, fairtrade products. 

Mostly Manx - offers a huge selection of quality, locally crafted items from over 30 Isle of Man-based artists and crafters.

Quirky.im - the go-to online store for Isle of Man products, ranging from food & drink to art, jewellery and much more.