The Blueways Trails offer a sense what can be uncovered on the Isle of Man's seas and shorelines allowing for multi-activity exploration of the historic and diverse coast – on land, on the water and underwater. From snorkel safaris taking in the wonderful marine life to exploring the Island’s history and geology on land, there is much to discover on the Island’s Blueways.

There are currently three Blueways trails located around the Island; Port St Mary in the south, Niarbyl in the west and Maughold in the north. Each one offers a myriad of activities and things to see and do, so dive right in.

Port St Mary

Port St Mary harbour, The Ledges and boat trip to the Calf of Man

Port St Mary is one of several working fishing ports on the Island. Take time to understand the maritime history that has shaped the town or venture out on the water via kayak, boat or paddleboard to explore the towering cliff faces and wealth of marine wildlife.

Spot the dolphins and porpoises in Perwick Bay, or take a walk along the Ledges - rows of prehistoric limestone formed from sediment at the bottom of a 340 million year old subtropical sea.

Download the Port St Mary Blueway.


Niarbyl Bay, marine viewing site and tail of rocks

Meaning ‘tail of rocks’ for the crocodile-like reef that juts out of the bay, Niarbyl is one of the classic and most dramatic sections of coastline on the Isle of Man. With a captivating south-west outlook, this was once a much-loved holiday resort. Relatively unspoilt by human habitation, it makes an exceptional place for stargazing and wildlife-spotting.

There are also plenty of wildflowers and seabirds to discover in the area, and you can even stand on two ancient continents as you cross the major fault line on the beach that marks the closure of the Iapetus Ocean  that once separated them.

Download the Niarbyl Blueway.


Maughold Head, paddle boarders by the lighthouse and grey seals

Maughold’s coves have been used since ancient times for access and fishing, and continue to be popular today for paddle boarders and kayakers for the stunning views and common sightings of the grey seal colony.

Maughold is also a historically important shoreline with mine shafts carved into the cliffs from iron ore mines in the 7th century, Bronze Age cairns on the coast and it is believed to be the landing place of St Maughold who brought Christianity to Mann in the 5th century.

Download the Maughold Blueway.