Imagine a place, with its own captivating story to tell… A seabound kingdom where the wonders of coastline and countryside, sea and shore, meet within a matter of minutes. A place full of colour, contrasts and character, with landscapes beyond your wildest dreams.

Whilst our focus is on keeping our islanders safe, we’re currently unable to welcome visitors to experience the extraordinary story of the Isle of Man for yourself. But you can still explore our island’s rich heritage and sublime landscapes from the comfort of your own sofa with help of a good book.

Over the years, many authors have taken inspiration from the Isle of Man to produce a great range of fictional and fact-based literature. From Ghosts, Pugganes and Fairy Pigs to Then and Now around the Isle of Man, there’s a book suitable for all ages and interests.

So take a break from the digital world and lose yourself amongst these remarkable books we’ve pulled together, bookmarking inspiration for the next chapter of your #IOMstory.

Ghosts, Bugganes & Fairy Pigs by Karl Roeder

Ghosts, Bugganes & Fairy Pigs is one of the most important books of Manx folklore ever published. Collected over a hundred years ago, it offers one of the richest sources of traditional tales from the Isle of Man, including fairies, bugganes, ghosts, giants, witches and so much more. It also contains some fascinating pieces on history, language, literature and other things of Manx interest, as well as some more theoretical discussions of Manx matters unmatched then or since.

Find out more about the islands mystical folklore.

Eyes of Mann: the Island from Above by Charles Guard and Glenn Whorrall

This beautifully presented hardback presents a stunning selection of photographs from the Isle of Man using the latest drone technology.

From the Point of Ayre to the Calf of Man, the Island’s towns, villages and landscape appear in extraordinary detail, giving a perspective rarely seen. Photographs are captioned throughout by the credible local historian- Charles Guard, who gives the background and context to the images and explains some of the significance of what can be seen.

Discover more of the islands epic landscapes.

Then and Now around the Isle of Man by Miles Cowsill and Steve Jackson

Classic Isle of Man views from the 1900s to the 1960s are illustrated and compared to 2017 images by local photographer Miles Cowsill in this fascinating trip down memory lane. Complimented by text by local historian Charles Guard, and Steven Jackson, you will be amazed how the Isle of Man has changed over the years as it skilfully captures the Island from two different perspectives.

Discover more about the Island’s most iconic landmarks.

The Island Kitchen: Volume 1 and Volume 2

Tantalised by the taste of the Manx landscape and touched by the purity and provenance of our delicious delicacies, why not try some fabulous local dishes from the safety of your own home?  The Island Kitchen Volumes 1 and 2 bring you an abundance of mouth-watering recipes from the Islands finest establishments. From goat’s cheese bon bons to start, leading to a smoked haddock leek and pea gratin, before ending on a high with a ‘Manx Mess’ meringue dessert.

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Manx Fairy Tales with CD by Sophia Morrison

Charmingly illustrated by local artist, Julia Ashby Smyth, this beautifully presented book contains many iconic Manx tales from ‘The Making of Mann’ to ‘The Fynoderee’ and ‘The Moddey Dhoo’- all of which have been adapted for the modern reader. Complete with a specially recorded CD by Charles Guard, original music and sound effects bring fifteen key stories to life in-keeping with the drama and character of Manx culture and traditions.

A fan of the island’s ‘Little People’, check out the must see and do’s for ‘believers’ on the island.

Knockaloe Internment Camp: 100 Years of History by Rosalind Stimpson with Stephen Hall

Based in Patrick Villiage, near Peel, in the west of the Isle of Man, the Knockaloe Internment Camp was the largest ever WW1 Internment Camp and was central to the British Government's Enemy Alien Policy.

Along with photographs and artwork ranging from paintings to printed postcards and other craft items, this book illustrates and illuminates the history of Knockaloe Internment Camp through some of the unique collection of Stephen Hall.

Learn more about the history of the Knockaloe Internment Camp.

The Isle of Man Coastal Path by Alan Cooper

Written by long time experienced walker, and resident of the Isle of Man, Alan Cooper, this book focuses on everything to do with the island’s iconic 100 mile coastal footpath- ‘Raad Ny Foillan’, Manx Gaelic for ‘Way of the Gull’.

Richly illustrated with high quality photographs, it also provides the reader with easy-to-follow directions, high quality ordnance survey style maps and an abundance of useful tips and recommendations of places to eat along the route.

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