It's January...everyone is back to work and Christmas seems like a distant memory now. What better way to break out of that post-festive slump than booking a holiday? Here's 10 reasons why you should visit the Isle of Man in 2020...

Reason #1 - To ride mechanical wonders that transport you through breathtaking landscapes.

Ride on the most impressive network of heritage railways in the British Isles, powered by electricity, steam and horsepower. Explore the south on the Steam Railway, take in the bustling capital on a horse tram along Douglas Promenade, enjoy the picturesque north via Manx Electric Railway or wind your way up 2,000 ft aboard the Snaefell Mountain Railway where stunning views await!

Reason #2 - To wander in enchanted forests where fairies take flight.

Get lost in a world of tangled trees where tumbling waterfalls, incredible scenery and peace and tranquillity await in one of our 18 National Glens. For a truly unique experience, discover magical fairy houses in Dhoon Glen, Ballaglass Glen and Bradda Head. Fairies, or Little People as we call them, play a significant role in the Island’s folklore so if you believe and look in the right places, you may just spot one!

Reason #3 - To revel in the exquisite smells, tastes and sights of our local artisans.

Food and drink is a vital ingredient in our heritage, perfect for the foodie in everyone. With more than 70 award-winning Manx products to sample, we pride ourselves on the quality and variety of our locally produced food and drink, from the freshest seafood and succulent meat to mouth-watering treats and specially brewed beer and spirits. Can we tempt your taste buds?

Reason #4 - To enter fortresses once home to Viking Warriors, Norse Kings and Lords of Mann.

How the Isle of Man was created is steeped in mystique – from a time thousands of years ago when giants battled and lands were torn apart. Walk in the footsteps of our Viking and Celtic ancestors and delve deep into the Island’s fascinating history, woven within the walls of our ancient castles – Castle Rushen and Peel Castle.

Reason #5 - To enjoy endless walks that take you by the way of the gull.

Marvel at our majestic landscapes, from rugged cliffs and rolling hills to picturesque glens and hidden coves. Would you like to walk around the coast of an entire Island? Breathe fresh coastal air and drink in stunning scenery whilst walking the Raad Ny Foillan, Manx for ‘Way of the Gull’, a 100 mile coastal footpath. Catering for walkers of all abilities, the Raad can be split into 12 manageable sections.

Reason #6 - To spot mystical sea creatures basking in the shallows.

The Isle of Man’s enviable diverse landscape is home to wonderful wildlife, both on land and in our shores. Sightings of our mammals, marine life and birds will take your breath away, from Manx Loaghtan sheep and wild wallabies to basking sharks, dolphins and seals. Get your cameras ready to capture a spectacular showcase of all things wild!

Reason #7 - To cycle the roads of Olympic legends.

Make like Olympians Mark Cavendish and Peter Kennaugh and put your pedals to the metal along the Island’s winding roads. For mountain bikers, get ready to experience a whole lot of mud, sweat and gears with our numerous trails through forests, country lanes and challenging peaks. Our Manx landscape provides the perfect opportunity to explore on two wheels!

Reason #8 - To be dazzled by our dark skies.

Our open countryside, beaches and hilly viewing spots, combined with our extremely low light pollution allows for some seriously sensational stargazing. Stars and planets from far and wide can be seen by the naked eye and you could even be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights grace the Island’s heaven on occasion. The beauty of the Isle of Man doesn’t stop at night!

Reason #9 - To drift away on your own aquatic adventure.

The Island’s emerald waters and racing streams are the ideal playground for visitors of all ages. Answer the ocean’s call through sea kayaking or paddle away on a stand up paddleboard. For the adrenaline junkies amongst you, get your pulse racing with coasteering or gorge walking.

Reason #10 - To watch true heroes ride and rise on mechanical beasts.

There is nothing on Earth quite like the Isle of Man TT Races. No other motorcycle race is held on such a challenging track as the 37-mile plus Mountain Course with its seemingly never-ending series of bends. Discover for yourself the sheer spectacle and uniqueness of the incredible racing and world class entertainment held on the Island each year.