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A huge 83% of Brits, think that the country could benefit from a digital detox according to new research carried out by the Isle of Man, to promote their new Phoneboxes initiative.

To help visitors relax and enjoy the Isle of Man’s natural beauty, the Island is trialling a new initiative called Phoneboxes, which will see visitors lock their mobile phones away on arrival for the duration of their trip in return for traditional, analogue alternatives, including: 

  • A One Stop Guide to the Isle of Man
  • A film camera
  • A packet of postcards and stamps
  • A map of the Isle of Man
  • Bird and plant identification books
  • A selection of binoculars and magnifying glasses
  • Travel journal and notepad
  • Itinerary Inspiration Ideas
  • Pack of playing cards
  • A Guide to your digital detox for a better life

This will enable guests to switch off from the digital world, spend time reconnecting with the natural environment and further enjoy time with their loved ones. The boxes will be located at specific rural Island retreats, designed to help visitors get back to nature: Knockaloe Beg Farm and Glen Helen Glamping.

Research carried out by the Isle of Man showed that with the rise of modern technology and societal pressures, we are living in an ‘always-on’ culture where work-cations have become the new norm with 52% of Brits regularly checking work emails whilst abroad and 54% continuing to work through fear of getting behind on workloads or underachieving. As such, 66% said that they would reach a better work-life balance if they did not have their mobile phone on them at all times.

Smartphones are also affecting the way people behave on holiday. 29% of Brits said that digital distraction is the main reason why they are unable to switch off on holiday and a huge 73% have reported their mood being negatively affected when their travelling companions spend too much time on their phones. When asked if they felt that they spent too much time on social media and some time out would be worthwhile, 72% of Brits agreed. 

Angela Byrne, Head of Visit Isle of Man, says: “We want to encourage our visitors to disconnect, switch off and step away from digital distractions in order to disassociate from work and social media and concentrate better on surroundings. By installing Phoneboxes in glamping locations around the Island, this will help people escape from everyday life and embrace the many activities that the Island has to offer as well as spending time connecting with each other, without relying on technology for entertainment or communication.

“From our impressive network of heritage railways, medieval castles and heritage sites, to our 18 beautiful national glens, long stretching coastlines and country walks that produce vistas which take your breath away, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Although life without a phone can seem daunting at first, there’s nothing that cannot be solved the good old-fashioned way.”

The wide range of ‘offline’ activities on offer, such as horse-riding, hiking, water sports and wildlife watching, together with an extensive range of delicious local delicacies to sample, makes the Isle of Man the perfect place to remind you how life really should be. The only nation in its entirety to be awarded a UNESCO Biosphere status, the Island is one of the best places in the world to switch off and recharge.  

To book your mobile-free stay on the Island in Spring 2020, please e-mail, slots are available on a first come first serve basis and to learn more about what is on offer on the Isle of Man visit: