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Rugged cliffs, gentle rolling hills, picturesque glens, hidden coves and stunning views. These are just a few of the reasons that make the Isle of Man a walker's delight. Whether you enjoy a gentle stroll or a challenging hike, there is a range of footpaths and tracks for you to enjoy.

Would you like to walk around the coast of an entire country? The Raad Ny Foillan, the coastal footpath, is a challenging 100 mile walk. The views and wildlife are so stunning though that you may prefer to take a leisurely, but still strenuous, walk along just a section or two.

Walking on the Isle of Man though is not just about challenging walks. There are hidden coves accessible only by foot, stunning glens just a few minutes walk from a road, deserted beaches, rolling hills, desolated moors and a feeling of remoteness coupled with some of the most beautiful scenery in the United Kingdom.

Walking is a very popular pastime on the Isle of Man and the Manx Footpaths Conservation Group extends a warm welcome to all visitors. The group is affiliated to The Ramblers and offers a great variety of walks throughout the year.

You will also find a series of QR Code points which have been placed across the Island where you can access photographs, a description of the site, videos and an audio tour about where you’re standing. All a visitor needs is their smart phone or tablet, a 4G connection, and the QR Code app which is free and takes only a few seconds to download from any app store.

For more information on using QR codes on the Isle of Man click here.