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Isle of Man Christmas Decorations

This December, we’re giving you the opportunity to bring a bit of Manx mythical magic to your Christmas!

Spread some festive joy and download our new Manx Fairy Christmas decorations!

With a dress and crown decorated with the three legs of Mann and the pastel shades of Manx tartan, these Manx Fairies will look lovely on your tree, window... well, they’ll brighten up anywhere!

In Manx folklore, there are tales of fairies intervening in the lives of ordinary people and although times have changed many of the original customs and superstitions live on. Now you can include the fairies in your own Christmas traditions!

All you have to do is download and print the decorations from the link below, cut them out and hang them up!

We’d love to see your decorations so please take some photos and share them on our Facebook page.

“Nollick Ghennal” – Merry Christmas from the Isle of Man.

Download here